The Tracker Poem by Edward Hester

The Tracker

I dreamt I was a Hunter strong
Of cunning, stealth and skill
Who tracked the Tiger through the night
And never missed his kill.

I never gave a moment's thought
To Beauty, Grace or Laughter
No time to spare for all those things
That children's hearts yearn after

Then came a day of Destiny
When passing through the Wood
I found a trail to Mystery;
Some Beast unknown had stood.

I ran the trail to track it down
Without a second thought
But found the chase beyond my skills;
The Beast remained uncaught.

I sought into the deepest glens
And climbed the highest trees
Yet still the Beast eluded me
As easy as you please.

I sat alone at end of day
And mused about the loss
Of prey and skill and lots of things
My life had been without.

How life for me had been a search
For proof of worthiness,
No search for love and kindliness,
A life by Things possessed.

How this strange prey eluded me!
And turned me deep inside.
To stalk my own deep emptiness
From loss of Self and Pride.

I looked up to the starry skies
And cried to God above
To help me fill this emptiness
With Truth and Love and Pride.

And then into the faint firelight
There stepped the Great White Hart
Whose eyes were filled with kindest Love,
And Wisdom burning bright.

How long he may have looked at me
Is more than I can tell
But in that moment Power spoke
And broke my Heart's dark spell

I sat beside my dying fire
Throughout the long, dark night
And thought of Dreams and Miracles
Of Truth and Love and Right

And when at last the morning came
And songbirds sang the dawn
I knew at last I'd found my Self
The greatest prey of all.

Ray Lucero 23 April 2006

Edward, The journey to self-discovery can be arduous and filled with hazards. One of life's ironies is that all paths lead back to self. Nice write! Regards, Ray

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