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I like to write poems and sometimes songs about the funny moments in our lives, the thoughts we have rattling around in our brain, the troubles we all share, the issues we carry with us everywhere, the people we surround ourselves with, and the hopes and dreams that make it easier to go on and live.

I like to write poems and sometimes songs that make people laugh, smile knowingly, and think. And I hope my readers enjoy what I write and come back for more.

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I grew up with a bunch of others,
Just me with my sisters and brothers.
When I was younger, I was green and tough,
But as I grew older, I discovered life could be rough.
I changed and grew softer, some called me yellow.
But I was no coward, just a very cautious fellow.
Because where I come from you never know the day,
That your whole family gets eaten or just carted away.

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01 December 2015

Everytime I find myself in hot soup, I think I'm going to go crackers.

01 December 2015

I feel like a woman without a country who still has to pay taxes.

01 December 2015

I'd rather marry for money and divorce for love than marry for love and divorce for money.

01 December 2015

Those who spurn knowledge are doomed to learn things the hard way!

01 December 2015

Words with words. Fists with fists.

01 December 2015

Even on the road less traveled you'll find yourself stuck in traffic.

08 December 2015

Even a home run isn't counted as a home run unless you reached homeplate.

20 January 2016

The man of my dreams is someone who is still there for me when I wake up.

20 January 2016

You can't build a house from the roof.

21 June 2016

People tend to learn from their mistakes after they make them not before.

02 November 2019

'Do you know what the difference is the an old wife and a young ]'wife 'An old wife knows when she is being lied to.'

02 May 2020

With this pandemic, the year 2020 will ironically be the year of hindsight.

27 July 2020

You can't give a blind person a flashlight and tell them lead the the way.

04 March 2021

Marriage is like a ketchup bottle. Even when you think it's empty, there's still something you can squeeze out of it.

04 March 2021

Marriage is like a puzzle. Every single piece of it is important.

Elena Plotkin Popularity

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