Too Young To Know Poem by Elena Plotkin

Too Young To Know

Rating: 5.0

I tell youth now,
as I was once told.
'You're too young to know,
what life beholds.
Too young to understand,
What disappointment means,
Too inexperienced to comprehend,
the nature of unfulfilled dreams.
Too immature to attempt to realize,
The world I have seen with these two eyes.'
And so I preach these words to all youth about,
Bearing not a single shred of self doubt,
That my well-meant words mean nothing to them today,
but will when they recite them too someday.

(C) 1993 Copyright Elena Plotkin; Revised 2016

Sunday, July 21, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: youth
Bri Edwards 16 January 2015

i really, really want to suggest a tiny change in the poem; it only concerns a rhyme, not the meat of the poem, which is delicious. but i won't say, unless you beg me to say; well, you don't have to BEG! BUT you are a 'youth' compared to me, so you probably would not agree with what i would say! bri :)

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Khairul Ahsan 02 December 2013

These are words experience, whether they are heeded or not. A beautifully written poem, clear and simple, and that's its beauty.10/10. I appreciate the good rhyming too.

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Patricia Grantham 26 August 2013

A really good write this is. I was also told that I was too young to know when I was growing up. I guess there were things that our young minds could not understand or it was too high above our heads. Whatever the reason it must have been for my good. Enjoyed.

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Adeline Foster 22 July 2013

Ah! the voice of experience. And so it goes, they just won't hear untill it is too late. Read mine - Bloom of Youth - Adeline

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 22 July 2013

there never is a greater truth! penned it so fine, poet.

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