Welcome To My Perfume Parlour Poem by Elena Plotkin

Welcome To My Perfume Parlour

Rating: 5.0

Welcome to my perfume parlour.
Have some scents they’re only a dollar.
There is no charge to take a good sniff,
So, please linger long enough to get a whiff.
These smells were all created for your noses.
And I promise you they will outlast any roses.
They are guaranteed to entice and bewitch,
That man who has long been out of your reach.
And for all of you who need that special blend,
To cloak a stench worse than that of any rear end,
Here are some choice bottles I can gladly recommend.
Please, don't forget to mention my shop to your friend.

(c) 2013 Copyright Elena Plotkin

Thursday, December 5, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: smelling
Adheez Van Der Beanthz 09 December 2013

interesting and unique i like your rhythmic well done

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Bri Edwards 08 January 2014

elena, i'm not sure if you know me well enough (yet) to know that the following two lines were my favorites here. And for all of you who need that special blend, To cloak a stench worse than that of any rear end, are you sure I didn't write those lines? ? ? ? ? i send this poem to MyPoemList for sure. do you have any enticing fragrances that work on WOMEN? preferably wealthy, gorgeous (but not necessarily too smart) women. i'm glad you didn't insist on what i call perfect rhymes for all of your rhymes, because i really like the words you used. thanks for suggesting this poem. i think i will copy and paste it to one or two friends on ph who appreciate good writing and humor/humour. bri :)

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Valsa George 09 January 2014

It was Bri Edwards who copied and pasted this poem for me. He must have seen me as one 'who appreciate good writing and humour'....(an honour which he couldnot tell me in my face....! ! !) Yes Elena, this is indeed a remarkable poem, rich in humour and has an unmistakable Bri..an ring about it! Even outside your perfume parlour, there is an exotic scent, which I get here, staying so far...! ! (without paying even a cent! !) Enjoyed much! !

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Stephen Katona 02 November 2017

Love this poem and your sense of humour particularly 'to cloak a stench worse than that of any rear end'. Your humour makes the world smell so much better.

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Bri Edwards 07 October 2017

hi, Elena, i'm grabbing this from MyPoemList and putting it into October 2017's showcase. thanks. i wish you well, bri :)

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Khairul Ahsan 07 March 2014

The poem is written in a lighter vein, mixed with humor... loved it! The rhyme is perfect. Words carefully chosen. 'And for all of you who need that special blend, To cloak a stench worse than that of any rear end, ' - These lines made me laugh! I've rated this poem 10/10.

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Shahzia Batool 10 January 2014

a strong invite to an aesthetic olfactory sense of the readers...a light poem with a mild humor!

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Kanav Justa 09 January 2014

haha, , sure i will recommend your shop to my friends, , , , amusing write, , ,

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