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Banana - Poem by Elena Plotkin

I grew up with a bunch of others,
Just me with my sisters and brothers.
When I was younger, I was green and tough,
But as I grew older, I discovered life could be rough.
I changed and grew softer, some called me yellow.
But I was no coward, just a very cautious fellow.
Because where I come from you never know the day,
That your whole family gets eaten or just carted away.

Topic(s) of this poem: fruit

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(C) 2013 Copyright Elena Plotkin

Please see my other fruit poems 'Orange' and 'Grape'.

Comments about Banana by Elena Plotkin

  • Stephen Katona (11/2/2017 12:46:00 PM)

    Ha ha ha this is so funny - love it. Yet another of your poems to add to my list of favourites. Now I feel sorry for the family of bananas in my fruit bowl...perhaps I should buy them a plane ticket to return home... (Report) Reply

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  • Bri Edwards (7/30/2017 1:05:00 AM)

    damn i'm looking for a showcase poem from you. this would be perfect! BUT, duh, my previous comment says i was going to use it in the March showcase! ! !

    let me look at one i haven't read yet.

    bri :)

    hope you are doing well!
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  • Bri Edwards (3/3/2017 4:06:00 PM)

    Elena, i'm swiping this for my/our March showcase. i'm assuming your copyright note does not apply to my usage. if i am wrong, i shall alert my MANY attorneys! !

    please let me know if you object to me putting this into the showcase; i would then remove it ASAP. i did leave a comment long ago. i still love this, of course!

    i'll also put your Poet's Notes into the showcase, under your poem.

    bri :)
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  • (5/9/2015 7:05:00 PM)

    We like this poem alot! ! ! ! (Report) Reply

  • Clarence Prince (5/8/2015 2:25:00 PM)

    You never know the day
    you might cart away or get eaten
    just like a bunch of banana!
    Very funny!
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  • Howard 'the motivational poet' Simon (5/8/2015 1:59:00 PM)

    A masterful metaphor that is loaded with lessons for living! Well done and congrats! (Report) Reply

  • (5/8/2015 1:37:00 PM)

    This is a magnificent poem...so lyrical, and that extended metaphor holds so much truth. Congratulations on Poem of the Day! (Report) Reply

  • Geetha Jayakumar (5/8/2015 12:12:00 PM)

    A Beautiful poem with in depth meaning, Elena. One day a fruit will ripe and had its last fall. So many seasonal changes the fruit has to undergo before it lasts, finally it become so soft, as soft as infant. This is the meaning of life too.
    Congrats for the well deserved poem of the day.
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  • Kim Barney (5/8/2015 6:28:00 AM)

    A delightful poem. Wonderfully written. Another to add to my favorites list, after which I'm going to go eat one of those ripe bananas sitting on my counter. (At least they were sitting when I left them, but when they hear me coming they may be standing up ready to run.) (Report) Reply

  • Jayatissa K. Liyanage (5/8/2015 4:59:00 AM)

    its as sweet as a banana itself. Worth munching one, for what ever one feels. Enjoyed. (Report) Reply

  • Jasbir Chatterjee (5/8/2015 3:22:00 AM)

    lovely poem, makes a good read.. (Report) Reply

  • Jasbir Chatterjee (5/8/2015 3:19:00 AM)

    lovely poem; deserves to be poem of the day. (Report) Reply

  • Jasbir Chatterjee (5/8/2015 3:17:00 AM)

    Wow, it's a lovely poem and certainly deserves to be poem of the day today. (Report) Reply

  • Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair (5/8/2015 1:28:00 AM)

    When the time is ripe
    Our lives shall sweeten
    Which like the banana
    Must then be sadly eaten.....

    Good poem and I invite all to my page too......
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  • Kelly Kurt (5/8/2015 1:16:00 AM)

    ! : -) (Report) Reply

  • Stephen Katona (10/28/2014 11:10:00 AM)

    So funny. I shall share this with a few friends. Thank you. (Report) Reply

  • Bri Edwards (7/9/2014 12:19:00 AM)

    i see i already commented on this one over six months ago. for you food-lovers (especially of bananas) here are two poems i wrote which you are welcome to nibble at. hi elena! :) bri

    Stepping Out Of The Box....... [food fantasy; HUMOR; MEDIUM; immigration troubles]

    We've Gone Bananas This Week......[Fruit; Groceries; Personal]
    (Report) Reply

  • Brian Jani (6/23/2014 4:22:00 PM)

    To understand a banana you have to be a banan and here you realy took the form of a banana, splend work here (Report) Reply

  • Bri Edwards (12/29/2013 4:15:00 PM)

    elena, i've had a craving for just such a poem today! thanks for satisfying me. to MyPoemList it goes!
    today a ph friend informed me that he is quitting the site due to lack of comments (good or bad) on his poems. it made me a little nervous, and that is one reason i have looked at one of yours now. but i guess you don't lack for comments, so i'll move to another poet who may be more needy! thanks for sharing. (could i watch when you are peeled? ; it is bound to happen some day!) tee hee bri :) AND can you do a banana split? ? ? i'd better watch myself. i feel i'm approaching a slippery slope.
    (Report) Reply

  • Khairul Ahsan (12/11/2013 11:53:00 PM)

    Hi Elena,
    Your 'Banana'
    Is a wonderful write,
    A matter of delight!
    Gets 10/10 alright.
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