Eli Spivakovsky

Eli Spivakovsky Poems

1. Jeremie - A Jerusalem Love Story 8/6/2016
2. The Colour Mafia 8/31/2016
3. You Can't Drown In Snow 9/9/2016
4. Proof Of God 10/27/2016
5. Shifting Boats Crumble 11/1/2016
6. Hannukah Haiku 11/1/2016
7. Child Prodigy 11/1/2016
8. Dark Black Cherry Blossom 11/1/2016
9. The Astronaut's Dream 11/1/2016
10. Asian Android In Digital Snow 11/1/2016
11. 7th Floor Angels 11/1/2016
12. D 12/3/2016
13. Call For Help 12/15/2016
14. The Garden 12/15/2016
15. Interior Stars 12/21/2016
16. Mezuzah Haiku 12/25/2016
17. Edward Snowden Is In Love 12/25/2016
18. Celestial Flower 6/30/2016
19. Underwater Ballerina 6/30/2016
20. Comrade Laika 6/30/2016
21. Corps Of Wet Doves 6/10/2013
22. Dragan Sakura! 1/2/2017
23. Calculation Of Gold 1/5/2017
24. The Royal Jelly Of Jerusalem 1/10/2017
25. Space Haiku 1/17/2017
26. It Snows On The Mermaid 1/18/2017
27. The 6 Million Are Doing Fine 1/28/2017
28. Leda And The Swan - My Take On The Myth 2/1/2017
29. Multiples Of 11 2/3/2017
30. Troubadour-Conquistador - A Fairy Tale 2/4/2017
31. If I Was Ever Going To Tie Myself To A Tree In Protest 3/22/2017
32. Little Daisy 4/29/2017
33. Meet Me In Antarctica (Final Draft) 5/10/2017
34. If You Were In A Coma 6/12/2017
35. Lushenko The World's Greatest Ice-Skater (Poem For Children) 10/20/2015
36. The Receiver 7/31/2016
37. Banners 12/25/2016
38. Requiem For My Sister 1/10/2017
Best Poem of Eli Spivakovsky

Requiem For My Sister

I can't say you were covered in flowers because that's not the Jewish way, we cover the grave in stones.
I remember when you showed me the shape of a bird under your eye, it looked like a flying swallow, but so tiny, it could be mistaken as a freckle.
You also showed me your short life-line. 'Look, see? ' you asked, showing me your palm, and it was indeed short....
How are your bones decaying, o beautiful one?
So pretty, you'd inherited the helix for that.
I remember how you left home when we were kids, how you turned the street corner and I running after you, imploring you ...

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Little Daisy

Little daisy growing through a crack in the pavement, through a crack in the concrete, quietly and steadily. Push, push, little daisy, you must assert yourself as you grow defiantly against the oppressiveness of what passes for civilisation. You must go against your gentleness a little if you want to stay gentle and call it growth as you rise towar

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