Falling Out Of Love Poem by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

Falling Out Of Love

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Every time I close my eyes I remember
I remember once upon a time when we used to be friends
When a hi would bring joy to each other's face and a bye tears to the eyes
Those where the good days

I waited eagerly for your hi and despised your bye
When a bad day would be cured just by one hug from you
A lonely night would be soothed with a kiss and an I love you

Everyday that came you became more and more a part of me
Even when my moods would get the better of me I would always put them aside to see you smile
It was good, you made me happy, and I longed to spend more days like that with you

With time we both became complacent
We just took everything for granted, I trusted you without question
I expected the same from you
Unfortunately your ear was wild and deceptive

When I read those words to another woman
Telling her how you loved and missed her, you broke me
I was angry; I felt betrayed and cheated
I was out to get you

And so the war began
We did and said whatever we could to hurt the other
With both hearts set in pride, never stopped to see the damage we were doing
Until it was too late

Too much had been said and done
Too much bad water under the bridge
We had reached the point of no return
I tucked and rolled and gave up my gloves

But you couldn't see it
You were so stuck in your rage and quest to hurt me you went too far
You hurt my soul
And caused irreversible pain

I pray one day I find it in me to completely forgive and forget
Get to a place where I don't shed tears each time I remember you
Who knew all of us had wickedness so deeply enshrined in all of us
Indeed my love you have a wicked heart

I just feel that even when you fight you should have boundaries. betrayal from people you love is not only heart breaking but hurts your soul. fight fair.

i dedicate this to THE FATHER OF MY SON.
Abdbulazziz Alhaider 10 August 2018

hi...beautiful senses beautiful poem

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Chinedu Dike 01 January 2015

A good narrative poem, well articulated and nice penned to capture a tragedy in bliss of love. Love is a spiritual experience that comes unannounced, if not carefully nurtured by both parties it goes without warning. A nice poem indeed. Thanks for sharing and do keep it up. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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Jide Pounds Ibitoye 01 August 2012

wow, a wow with a sorry, life could be fair and unfair sometimes. take it and move on, i invite you to read one of my poems uncertain, , I hope you have moved on fine......... good poem i tell you, great expression.

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