Elizabeth Sheaffer

Rookie - 0 Points (February 4,1990 / Mt. Airy, NC)

Elizabeth Sheaffer Poems

1. The Last Resort 12/30/2006
2. Crimson Carpets At Dusk 12/30/2006
3. Frosty Hearts Can'T Dull This Love... 12/30/2006
4. Drops Of Crimson On The Pillowcase 12/31/2006
5. Mundane Topics 1/1/2007
6. Young Love 1/2/2007
7. Anxious 1/2/2007
8. Ap Language&Composition Taught Me A Lesson In Love 1/3/2007
9. Where Did Our Conversations Go? 1/3/2007
10. Three Days 1/5/2007
11. Broken Hearts Eventually Mend 1/17/2007
12. Rendezvous Beneath The Stars 1/31/2007
13. Alone In The Crowd 2/3/2007
14. The Unseen Prove Most Dear 2/4/2007
15. My Favorite If 2/12/2007
16. Thoughts In The Shower 2/15/2007
17. Never Enough 2/23/2007
18. Finally Free 2/23/2007
19. Simplicity's Escape 2/23/2007
20. O, To Control Lady Fate For A Day 3/22/2007
21. Affliction Most Severe (I'M Letting Go) 4/4/2007
22. Content To Be Contented 6/3/2007
23. Shards Of The American Dream Litter The Ground 6/9/2007
24. Hidden Desire (Please Don'T Break This) 6/9/2007
25. Crystal Translucence (Oceans Of Pain) 6/11/2007
26. Shattered Utopia (O How My Heart Aches!) 6/27/2007
27. And The Storm Rages On 8/29/2007
28. Love-Hate Relationship 8/29/2007
29. Can Death Come Calling If You Don'T Have A Telephone? 10/20/2007
30. The Great Escape From Reality Into An Alternate Dimension That Turned Out To Be Reality Disguised As A Dream 12/4/2007
31. Cocaine Dreams (Don'T Touch The Monkey) 12/12/2007
32. I Tasted Heaven Once And I Don'T Recommend It 1/13/2008
33. An Apology Simply Won'T Cut It This Time 2/14/2008
34. My Fair Lady 2/20/2008
35. Realizations Of A Teenage Catastrophe 2/26/2008
36. Ageless Avowal 3/11/2008
37. Sunkissed Romance 4/9/2008
38. Clarity, Thy Name Is Daniel 4/19/2008
39. Tainted Future (Ruinous Deeds) 4/28/2008
40. Midnight Misery 6/20/2008

Comments about Elizabeth Sheaffer

  • Terry Craddock Terry Craddock (5/16/2015 3:39:00 AM)

    Keep writing, your poem 'Can Death Come Calling If You Don'T Have A Telephone? ' is quite brilliant, so whoever has been hitting the dislike on you needs a heart and a brain, you have a gift, forget the nasty critics or comments if you get any and be confident in the unique vision and genius of your words. Power to your pen.

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  • eb cooper (1/28/2009 8:36:00 PM)

    thank you, its refreshing to hear such encouraging comments. i'll be reading your work

  • Manny Francis III (10/14/2008 11:11:00 AM)

    After surveying about a half-dozen or ten of your poems, I've come to the conclusion that you have quite a beautiful vision. Additionally, I found that not only did I enjoy your writing, but your poem titles as well. They're vivid and dark and wonderful. Of the poems I read, I enjoyed The Minions the most, and when I was through reading it, I relaized that I could absolutely see myself writing something similar. Keep it up.

Best Poem of Elizabeth Sheaffer

Lost In My Dreams (Insanity Reigns)

Torn at the seams;
Can't pick myself up.
Lost in my dreams...
But they're all full of lust.

Feeling unclean;
The darkness consumes me.
Lost in my dreams...
Where else would I be?

By the moon's beam,
I sit, and I wander,
Lost, in my dreams...
Emotions asunder.

The evil, it gleams;
It twinkles in my eye.
Lost in my dreams...
Depression saps me dry.

Life's not what it seems;
Lucifer beckons.
Lost in my dreams...
With such I can't reckon.

Wickedness teems;
I cannot fight back.
Lost in my dreams...

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The time of your arrival draws e'er nearer.
I look to the west in search of your face.
None others' words would I hold dearer,
Than thine own as my name escapes.

I look forward to your coming with hope.
I've missed you all the long while.
Lately it's been so hard to cope,
With the loss of that charming smile.

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