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A time for love,
A moment of truth,
Between you and me.

My Lady when I first saw you,
I was enchanted by your glow,
Thoughts slipped away from me,
As you charmed me along the way.

Tread softly on the sand,
As it guards the land,
It has a million eye,
Peering at the azure sky.

Surely thre's sunrise always,
To lift the mask of the night,
To open the secrets of the day,
And to rouse the sleepy soul.


Darkness suddenly came,
Without any warning;
Like the fleeting wind,
To disturb the calmness.

Your fate is in your hands,
And that of our young love.

Let not your attempts

Memories never die,
They just flirt around,
And peep behind curtains.

Winds of adversity blow savagely,
As injustice, death, and sickness,
Come galloping in full swiftness,
Into my life of trouble and agony.

The impact is savage,
The mass is squeezed.

There's oozing blood,

Tortured skin and bones lay,
On the hot and dry walkway;
Passed by racing, blind feet,
It's truly another pitiful sight.

I have a compact world,
That I completely own,
With pride and warmth,
Care and satisfaction.

06 June 1979 - 10: 02 a.m.
Frail mound of flesh and bones,
Is a Joy in the pouting face;
So seemingly strong and lively,

Tears fell for a lost love,
For a joy snatched by fate.

The loss is too precious,

Reduce and shrink,
Fit into your hole;
Hold the rising system,
Tie it down to the roots.


To follow not your conscience,
Just to satisfy the other's lot;
Is a real folly in all its guise,
Which will hold you so tightly.

We are all refugees,
Bidding for our time,
And our space, in the
Diminishing universe.

Unperturbed in my lofty perch,
I look down the smoky cauldron,
Of conceit, lies, and deceptions.

Dream, O, heart with little faith,
Nurture the weak soul, harden it.

Soon you are ready to soar,

How did it come to happen,
I don't see the reason why,
There are cold shoulders,
Furtive glances and eyes

Fingers racing against time,
To finish the poem of life,
Fingers become icily tipsy,
And dripping with cold sweat;

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To see the dawn is the start of another new day... the blossoming of a new life... the birth of another poem. A poem that serves as the outlet of man's affections and outbursts - it is everlasting, ever-flowing, and touching the deepest embers of the heart. There is magic everytime I touch a pen and start translating my thoughts and flashes into words, then weaving these words into lyrics of an emerging poem. Truly, man's feelings are not that elusive, after all, as they can be captured in a poem! Embraced passionately in between the lines, a poem enriches and ennobles the soul and let it be filled with peace and joy!)

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A Time For Love

A time for love,
A moment of truth,
Between you and me.

Two youthful hearts,
Throbbing within frail,
Ambitious breasts.

Every minute melting,
Into hours and days,
Deepens the affection.

Fingers intertwined,
Thick fogs at twilight,
Under the pine tree.

The flash of a smile,
And the dropp of tears,
Tighten love's bond.

The chain of devotion,
Strengthened by passion,
Would last for all times.

Every obsession and
Every hope I weave,
Just for you alone.

My muse, my dearest love,
The everlasting happiness,
And my life's inspiration.

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Elmer Romulo Valdez Popularity

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