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As I walked coyly into a thrilling candy shop
Brimming with children so amazed
that their eyes would fully pop
i carefully observe chocolates

look in to my eyes, what do you see?
a million little tiny stars
or the galaxy?
or do you simply see me

Lone is no longer a state
as rains pours down
lone is no longer my state
as love washed my frown

I may not be the most petriotic citizin
nor the the most suffering

Those generously big radiant eyes
Send away glances, shower me with joy

running her tiny fingers
through my round face

The kaleidoscope of love
Has multiple colors and shades.
To assign a single one
Would narrow down its lanes.

Hunger hits the bottom
Of his hollow stomach
Like a mother hawk
strikes A vulnerable prey

In search for angles of a circle
Insecurities awaken a feeling of lost
Bridges fulfillment corrupted by it’s costs
A walk of solitude on a thread or wire

Had you granted me a flower
so I would be your florist
had you offered me a shoulder
so I would carry your burndens

Take away my youth, my beauty
and precious time
strip me of of my basic humen right
but don't you dare to touch my pride

Captured by my own dreams

Despared to see new themes

Love is blind so they say
Music plays as their bodies sway
Glory seeks a place in those hearts
Love is the act as they play their parts

splendid soft spring sunflower
Delicate delightful dewdrop
Green gorgeous glowy grasses
Beautiful balletic butterflies

I once had a ring
A very precious ring
I wore it around my finger
Through years I had that ring

If love was to calculated
I would have failed with numbers
If love was to be seen
I wouldn't have felt it through my slumbers

-ok, I'm not into politics, I dont have anything against frensh people,
I'm just a Sudanses teenager who saw something on the news against Muslim women who wear veils, which I think doesn't harm those who thought they should ban it.

The Veil On Her Face

Slip of my grip
Love chains
Allow me to be free
Passion is the drink

A philosopher whispers
By a morning dew
Words of wisdom
But little he knew

Pitiful Sinful world,

Is it the silence that scares those who sin? ?
Or the chirp of a five legged cricket

I crave those lips
As a frosty forbidden fruit
I pray for a sugary kiss
As juicy & sweet

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Candy 'N I

As I walked coyly into a thrilling candy shop
Brimming with children so amazed
that their eyes would fully pop
i carefully observe chocolates
while reaching out for a lollypop
I sink into what I call
A late childhood of mine
As excitement washes me
n' drifts me I fail to look behind
Nevertheless, I do look behind
I send my glimpes around
I decide that vision and taste
are now to bound
I reach for a an enchanting destant bar
My height isn't supporting
Yet, I get the aptitude
I clutch it.it isn't too far
Shall I just unwrap it here and now
Or wait in the queue,
with an anxiously Raised brow
No, I fail to endure
I need my candy
If only I had patiece
It would have been handy
Candy oh
Candy oh
Oh candy
Too sweet
Too sugary
Too addictive!

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Ahmed Hamid 09 May 2012

I Believe In You, I believe In Your Talent..I Believe That The One Who Will Own Your Heart Will Be A Lucky Man..I Believe That One Day You Will Be A great Person And I Believe That I have An Amaazing Friend and am lucky to have you as My Friend :)

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