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Play Pretend

Once upon a time, lived a girl made of glass.
She was fragile, but seemed tall and strong.
She painted her crystal body so people could forget she was transparent. She learned magic and kept her company well entertained. But one day she ran out of tricks and paint.
She desperately wanted to keep her company impressed so before anyone noticed she wasn't all that special, she ran deep into the forest to catch the first ray of sunlight so that she could blind everyone by reflecting the powerful rays of the sun into their eyes. Foolishly forgetting it had been raining as usual, the girl ...

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Shrinking Space

When the space around you feels empty,
you look around, and you're alone
you'll think about me
but you can't have me
you look around you
you are still alone
unclear emotions start to form again
but I am there, I am alive
in another place, in another state of mind