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1. Chained To Feelings. 4/21/2012
2. Metro 4/22/2012
3. Shaky Days 4/22/2012
4. Undefined Girl 4/24/2012
5. Buried 4/24/2012
6. Unknown 4/28/2012
7. Foggy 5/1/2012
8. I Dare You 5/1/2012
9. Deep In It 5/1/2012
10. Another Piece Of My Mind 7/17/2012
11. Unfriendly Dreams 4/19/2012
12. Shrinking Space 4/20/2012
13. Darkness 4/20/2012
14. One 4/20/2012
15. Strange Silence 4/20/2012
16. Play Pretend 7/15/2012
17. Funny Mind, Funny Soul. 4/20/2012

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Funny Mind, Funny Soul.

I want to untwine
my youthful body aches
more pills make it go away
it's mind blowing
intertwining worlds, of hate blood
horror pain and mud
you've become a shadow of yourself
your eyelids shake when your eyes close
yes you are still all alone
you are the endless stars
you are the colors in the sky
you are the sun that finally shun
to remind me another day had just begun
destroy, create, repair,
it's all in the open air
and I'm back again.
Dissect my quivering relapses
before everything collapses.

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Shrinking Space

When the space around you feels empty,
you look around, and you're alone
you'll think about me
but you can't have me
you look around you
you are still alone
unclear emotions start to form again
but I am there, I am alive
in another place, in another state of mind

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