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Emile Verhaeren was a Belgian poet, art critic and wrote short stories and verse plays.


He was born in a Flemish French-speaking, middle-class family in Sint-Amands. Nevertheless Emile Verhaeren also spoke the local dialect (Dutch was not taught at school at that time). At the age of eleven, he was sent to a strict boardin ...

Emile Verhaeren Poems


The hounds of despair, the hounds of the autumnal wind,
Gnaw with their howling the black echoes of evenings.
The darkness, immensely, gropes in the emptiness
For the moon, seen by the light of water.


A moon, with vacant, chilling eye, stares
At the winter, enthroned vast and white upon the hard ground;
The night is an entire and translucent azure;
The wind, a blade of sudden presence, stabs.

Au Nord

Asseyons-Nous Tous Deux Près Du Chemin

Les Heures Claires

O la splendeur de notre joie,
Tissée en or dans l'air de soie!

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David Milton 02 February 2008

Excellent. Translated by? ? ? ?

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