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Spring has gone,
Leaving the sweet scent of mayflowers,
And soft perfume of daffodils,

She sat there, alone
Tears, dripping from her
Tortured eyes…
Tears of pain and loneliness.

Down, down by the brook,
Hear the soft wind mocking at you,
From behind the trees


I am unable to feel
Unable to think
But I continue to be

Fairytales are whispers of long forgotten days

Memories of childhood dreams

When I needed comfort
You sent me one of your angels
When I need someone to listen
You lend me both of your ears

How many hours have I spent,
Longing for life to make sense
How many times have I prayed,
For a miracle to prove that a God does exist

Thunder rolls through the garden,
A continued cannonade
The wind howls, prickled by the thorns of a rose
Daffodils tremble from fright, as lightning hits the pond

As I gallop across the seas
Flying towards my home
Lifted by the wings of the breeze
Laughing, from exhilaration

Sleepy little elf
Crept into a hollow
Worried of its health
Asked a bee to borrow:

Outside my window,
Rages a storm,
Deep down inside me,
The rain has ceased

How can you tell right from wrong?
How can you know the truth, yet believe the lie?
When others are saying hello, why do you say goodbye?
Why do you hide when lives are at stake?

I walk alone
Down a dark, empty street
There’s no light left in me
The lanterns extinguished

Your gaze takes my breath,
My heart stutters and fails
My blood drains from my body

Another day coming to an end…
People walk slowly toward their homes,
The wind softens the lines on their worn faces

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A sensitive soul, wrapped in a hard shell)

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Summer Morning

Spring has gone,
Leaving the sweet scent of mayflowers,
And soft perfume of daffodils,

Fresh, green grass showered with dew at dawn,
Little, cheerful drops reflecting the sunlight,
Trees, shimmering softly in a summer breeze,

Slim birches, laughing gracefully as the butterflies tickled their branches,
Strong oaks, spreading their arms protectively over the winding path,
Tall pines, dancing to the music of the wind,
in the spotlight of the rising sun…

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Emillie DeVere Popularity

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