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Hi, it's your friend
Yeah, your longtime friend

In a nation filled with political miscreants and tyrants,
Led by unworthy leaders,
All moving towards the path of the gutter,
Despite her uncommon number of talented hustlers.

THE STORY IN MY HEAD (The Man Sitting In Your Front)

He's not a human being - No, he is less of that
He might've been the one through whose sperm I permeated into my mother's vagina

We are children of beggars
we have no choice but to automatically harness our little talent
or what we know it as
knowing how to beg and prolly wash cars

It'll not be far
till my heart turns stiff
It's not going to last forever
I'm well aware of this

Tell it to the mountains
tell it out loud that the world might hear
Wax up the steep and rugged hills, journey the valleys and fountains
tell them! oh tell them now that they are near

it's not that the eyes can't see at times
it's just the brain that can't read -
the pain, dip as cells in our body; smeared on smiles
it's just that our brains can't read

Where I ask, do they go?

do they wash down life upon the River Nile?
or hover around the sky hoping; someone someday, shall find?

We war different battles
We joy different wins
My love...
what you see as blue is black to me

Dear Kendra
Do you still say 'I am fine' when you are
.... slowly losing yourself to the noise only you can hear?
...echoes that keep you up at night

A confused individual
Oh! I am in a state
a state of confusion
Where i don't know which way to go

They say heaven and hell
will be the final in one's end
But to us, we're already there
We're already witnessing stage one on planet earth


We're hungry
But we lacking


While I stare at the deep of the earth
I tear from my eyes


Now I can go to jail
Have for myself, a bad name

(Sounds Of Silence)

Would I have had it any better in life?


Imagine a world for no and everyone
Where we all are here to be as one and to save the world


Sweet architect!
I hope you are listening to the clamors in my head

Do you see us when we cry?
When we try to hide our faces in the sand?
have you ever thought it through,
That these people might be hurt too

Look at our daughters
They now show no ill in laying with men old as their fathers
Look at our sons
Nothing is holding them back from scamming the green people with their bad brain and laptops

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Poet — Social Entrepreneur — Designer — Unfurling)

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Hello Dear Friend


Hi, it's your friend
Yeah, your longtime friend
The one whom you thought our relationship has come to an end
Just because we are now on planet earths different end

I just wanted you to know that I still care
and thought it'd be nice of me to start another relationship trend
with you, my longtime friend
surely, you'll have made numerous others but, trust me, we are not them

Since you decided not to call
I realized we're both so busy that our time for old friends is none
But not us, we've got a special bond
So I decided to, with this message, make a call

I miss you and those times
Surely, we can't reverse it yet it's fine
At least I can still hold your hands an my cheek will form a smile
Or are we already too old for that?

Hello friend
We've been through so much
Life's hurdles and many more
Here, we don't know whether we'll live so long
To meet at that time we envisage in the future
So while we still can, let's catch have some fun

Life is a journey and not a race
We all emanated from a starting phase
And will end up going different places

The point is, live well in the moment
and quit chasing that which isn't really needed,
make friends and let's live fully till our ends.

From a friend that cares

©Emmiasky Ojex

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