Hello Dear Friend Poem by Emmanuel Ojex

Hello Dear Friend

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Hi, it's your friend
Yeah, your longtime friend
The one whom you thought our relationship has come to an end
Just because we are now on planet earths different end

I just wanted you to know that I still care
and thought it'd be nice of me to start another relationship trend
with you, my longtime friend
surely, you'll have made numerous others but, trust me, we are not them

Since you decided not to call
I realized we're both so busy that our time for old friends is none
But not us, we've got a special bond
So I decided to, with this message, make a call

I miss you and those times
Surely, we can't reverse it yet it's fine
At least I can still hold your hands an my cheek will form a smile
Or are we already too old for that?

Hello friend
We've been through so much
Life's hurdles and many more
Here, we don't know whether we'll live so long
To meet at that time we envisage in the future
So while we still can, let's catch have some fun

Life is a journey and not a race
We all emanated from a starting phase
And will end up going different places

The point is, live well in the moment
and quit chasing that which isn't really needed,
make friends and let's live fully till our ends.

From a friend that cares

©Emmiasky Ojex

Hello Dear Friend
Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: family,friend,friendship,love,mates,relationship
This is for those of us who've made friends and we've either forgotten to chat them up or call them, this is your HI message!
Robert Murray Smith 08 July 2018

I do not favour letters wriiten to pretend they are poems.

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Mahtab Bangalee 08 July 2018

wow so graceful writings- for exclusive stanza - Life is a journey and not a race We all emanated from a starting phase And will end up going different places greatly written

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Gajanan Mishra 04 July 2018

long time friend, good write

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Dr Antony Theodore 08 July 2018

Life is a journey and not a race live well in this moment . the beauty of the present moment and the importance of living it now.. very fine poem.. my dear poet. thank u. Congrats for POD. Tony, God bless you

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Lungelo S Mbuyazi 08 July 2018

Such a fine and beautifully written poem... it's so enjoyable to read. Congrats for chosen as the POD....

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Susheela Shiju 15 November 2018

so beautiful and so true! 10++

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Irfanulla Shariff 08 July 2018

A present moment is a gift. Great write!

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Anil Kumar Panda 08 July 2018

A very beautiful poem with a great flow about remembering a long time friend. The busy schedule of life has snapped the bond of human relation and often we miss near and dear ones a lot. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed. Deserved to be POD. Congrats.

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Rajnish Manga 08 July 2018

A realistic approach is all that we need unmindful of the ups and downs of life. 'The point is, live well in the moment'. Thanks for such a wonderful poem.

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Chandan Dey 08 July 2018

Dear Emmanuel, it's a very fine poem, the journey of true friendship never comes to an end, brilliantly write, thanks for sharing this wonderful poem with us. Chandan

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Emmanuel Ojex

Emmanuel Ojex

Lagos State, Nigeria
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