Please Help Us (For The Children Of Beggars) Poem by Emmanuel Ojex

Please Help Us (For The Children Of Beggars)

They say heaven and hell
will be the final in one's end
But to us, we're already there
We're already witnessing stage one on planet earth

We've got so much as nothing to eat
and so to the streets, we take to feed
We just have to not die but live
since they'll always be that caring hand who is willing to give

We're children of those with nothing
We're living in a place with nothing
living with a life of anything (comes and goes)
and so we too do not think of becoming something

Please, can you help us?
We don't really think of becoming more
But you who is strong and can conceive greater thoughts
Please, teach us how we can live life with joy!

Please teach us what it's like to be a child
To growing to youthful ages and then a fully bred man/woman
Please help us grow wise
And live our lives while on the right path!

Please, we do know we've got nothing to offer
and if we continue on this, we'll grow wild
we'll only set our minds on getting the cash
and if begging wouldn't provide, we can just turn to rob people and banks.

Please, save our lives
For we know this we are children of circumstance
But we too want to become people of substance
and surely make impact.

Please save a dying soul.

©Emmiasky Ojex

Please Help Us (For The Children Of Beggars)
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: children,future,hunger,poverty,suffering

A compelling and creative cry for mentorship and success that is both refreshing and realistic.

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Emmanuel Ojex

Emmanuel Ojex

Lagos State, Nigeria
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