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It hurts so much my shoulder blades ache
I’m so empty that my stomach growls


Swoon me
Touch my face
Squeeze my hips
Hold me hard

You know
that secret place to touch
how to blow my mind
what music makes my body rock

hand surfing
up, down, left, right
cupped hand catching the breeze
scenery is all but a blur

I never felt loved until I met you.
I know, with no doubts or reservations, that I love you.
I am yours fully.
you own me.


As the sun finally leaves my window
My thoughts lost in a haze
My eyes grow weary and tired
My mind is in a daze

Numbness my friend,
Why have you deserted me?
We've been together for so long
You were there when I was down

have you ever felt love?

not in your heart or head,
but with your hands.

Why say it?
You know I do
I know it to
You don’t need to hear it

My Levis soaked heavy with blood
I stand shattered before you
Heart in hand
Still warm

adjusting my chair
fixing my tie
looking at you
gathering courage

What are you doing?
How many times have I told you?
Why would you do that?
Who do you think you are?

Surrounded by twigs and discarded debris
The beauty I saw, had to be freed
I fed it my love and all my desire
A phoenix was born in a passionate fire

The smell of an orange being peeled
Its fragrant, refreshing, a chemical reaction? A brain triggering scent?
But something about the smell just makes you smile
The warm Sun shining on your face

He runs fast as the wind
Superman cape flapping behind
The kid on the short bus
Sees petrol-puddle-rainbows

walk away
run, hide and die
walk away
hold it in

You were hiding inside
Took a walk, took a ride
Dropped a dime, saved a soul
Who asked you anyway?

slouched on the leather couch until my lower back throbs

snow induced lethargy has captured my soul


yes I know
I didn't mean it like that

empty shell Biography

just a guy who sees the beauty in Everything, loves hard, hurts hard, finds writing is a release, cant afford a shrink and thinks that he can once in a while make a poem that is beautiful enough to help others in a time of need or to share in the awesomeness of the world.)

The Best Poem Of empty shell

My Heart Hurts

It hurts so much my shoulder blades ache
I’m so empty that my stomach growls

It hurts, my heart hurts

My jaw is sore from grinding my teeth
my arms are weak from clenching my fists

It hurts, my heart hurts

My ears are ringing inside of a vacuum
my legs just don't want to work

It hurts, my heart hurts

Bring back the light
that fuels my soul
come back to where you belong
back inside my heart
your home

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empty shell Popularity

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