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We can talk for hours and laugh in between
He respects my words as much as I respect his thinking
There we were choosing human characters from an article
Intrinsically we both chose a man who lavish in infidelity

Cold concrete floor and deafening silence
locks on every door displaying numbers
no names or personalities, no music or kid’s steps
just the sound of all seasons rushing to escape

Sailing down the river named serenity
ushered by the laughter of summer wind
emerging and fading from my senses
are time defying moments captured by my mind’s eyes

I crave your eyes, your laughter, your touch
I crave the smile of your eyes
the warmth of your breath
the scent of your eyelids

I serve my pen to feed my flesh and my soul extract honey from the alphabets
I come alive and true, when I write
I have no mirror, no dressing room, no camera,
I know no shame

I am free at heart, I kowtow to no rules
Today, I try to change and bear relationship for two
that love has tailored for me carefully
but I tried to run away

His voice,
the sound of summer cloud
His walk,
forgotten music notes

My beloved I have much to say,
Oh my! where should I start?

Before you came...

Everything carries me to you,
and my soul knows you,
all my life, I've been dancing to your stories,
with you, nights waltz in lucid space,

When I love a man, I speak no words nor make sentences
When I love a man, I understand the language of the moon
and the laughter of the sun.

How did we come to be here, ask me again?
Quietly, resting with our eyes ajar,
intoxicated by each others skin,
we are but silence wrapped in spell,

I loved you without knowing you,
I loved you because I saw you in us,
No pride or ego, in which there is no I or you,
I laughed in your mouth,

Transition…I think I am? I am a progression!
I am the vacancy between the alphabets.
My feet travel silently. Back and forth-side to side
with a blazing desire to transit. Asking who I am?

I woke up this morning dressed in a wedding gown
Jeweled with lexis’s such as vow, companionship and docile
Neck line bejeweled with nouns, pronouns’ and syntaxes’
And the stitches with adjectives and the lining with an apostrophes

Democracy was dressed with glitter of humility
And the moon sitting on a rocking chair, comforting baby equality
People gathered to pay tribute to his tapestry of words
Standing on the platform of oneness

The forest fire, sneaking up with silence suggestions and
Exposing each branch to its flame
Communicating time passed; time gained; time promised
Between yesterday and tomorrow.


It's like a loud gale...
scorching hundred miles an hour
leaving bruises at the brim of mother-earth
it never stops be it twelve noon or midnight

I am but a stream between hard rocks
mountains sings for my arrival
while I soar like an eagle.

You remember that day, that bright October day
when you my Lord, and my youthful lover argued endlessly
Do you remember that day?
When dawn sung her song of infidelity

An empty canvas lying on the floor next to the night stand
Ashtray filled with cigarette butts
Curtain drawn, floor covered with specks of colors
Empty bottles of Red Johnny Walker

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A woman who wears a shawl weaved out of words...a sister, a daughter and a friend.)

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Conversation With Jo

We can talk for hours and laugh in between
He respects my words as much as I respect his thinking
There we were choosing human characters from an article
Intrinsically we both chose a man who lavish in infidelity
however insane we both agreed separately
that this simple quest for human character
is not something that we should take casually.

He said, well social norm for the greater good
Even though, I respected his thinking,
I had to examine my own stand
Norm! I said to him with all due respect,
I despise that word for what it represents
I feel caged, slaved, even hanged
just hearing the word I got petrified.
What happened to our will I asked?

He then said primal needs are truthful…
I agreed but then he said, most are repressed
True again, I then said infidelity is a choice
that may not be taken-up by many
then again, he said, envied by so many…what a hypocrisy!
I then said, confinement is neither my style nor my life
To know is to acknowledge your-self
I rather be the outcast knowing my true despair
I always wondered what happens to those of us outside the norm?
Chuckled, I asked are we casualties of humanity...
How many times must we die for one life?
So that we can be in the right socially…

He said artist temperament! I agree but I call it will!
I then said; let me share a secret with you
I have never slept in one city let alone in one bed
I have traveled to several battlegrounds every night in my wake
many nights I have been in the presences of so many willingly
without disturbing the painter in Spain, or the poet in Syria,
or the writer among us, willingly, I have been with them all.
willing without any social restrain
after all, I am trusted with far greater gift such as pain
If I were to follow the norm,
I know I will start fading from my DNA (Dead-Not-Arrived) .

© October 22,2009
work in progress

Emu Getachew Comments

Achinike Nwinye 30 July 2018

His poems have voice and life. He gives voice to inanimate. The reverberation is heard relentlessly.

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Yherlisa Jimenez 01 November 2009

Conversation with Jo is an unique poem...very nice..! ! ! It says so much and the expression is so unique... Very nice.. like it..! !

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Chanelle Fields 05 October 2009

I really liked the first poem called Apartment 426. I kinda seemed mysterious in away. ***Please check out Chanelle Fields poems. Fill free to comment on my poems**

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