Eric Elliott

Rookie (09/28/1992 / HELL! ! ! ! (maybe))

Eric Elliott Poems

1. Broken 4/3/2009
2. Slowly Forgoten 4/3/2009
3. Pack A Bowl 4/5/2009
4. Miserable 4/29/2009
5. Dreams Of Blood Stained Mind Part 1 5/8/2009
6. Bleed It Out 5/11/2009
7. Noons High Tide 5/14/2009
8. The Darkend Sun 6/24/2009
9. Path Of The Forlorn 8/14/2009
10. My True Nature 8/26/2009
11. You Die On My Lips 9/21/2009
12. Where Love Led 9/22/2009
13. The Thoughts Inside My Head 10/10/2009
14. A Place To Be 10/27/2009
15. Faceless Friend 11/16/2009
16. No More Emotion (Punk Rock Song) 12/14/2009
17. Unwanted Love 12/14/2009
18. Dim (Is The Dark) 1/11/2010
19. Somebody Please Someone.. 3/16/2010
20. Open Hollow 9/1/2009
21. Sixty-Nine 9/24/2009
22. Sun Day 3/31/2009
23. Lie Given Truth 4/3/2009
24. Crush Me Please.. 8/27/2009
25. Stay In Shadow 8/28/2009
26. River A-Flow 8/18/2009
27. Dreams Of Blood Stained Mind Part 2 6/14/2009
28. The Hammer Fell 10/29/2009
29. The Wetting 5/18/2009
30. Why Can'T You Love Me? 9/17/2009
31. As The Day Breaks 5/13/2009
32. (song) I'Ll Give You Something New... Hate.. 9/30/2009
33. (song) In The Blood Of The Lamb 10/30/2009

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  • Rachel Ellard (9/21/2009 11:46:00 AM)

    you sound sexy to me

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Best Poem of Eric Elliott

(song) In The Blood Of The Lamb

(Metal, fast paced a few tempo changes,3 sec interval every space for rock)

Kill the shepherd and the sheep will scatter!

I wash upon unholy land
Damnation is my only weapon
So if I take you by the hand
Then you won’t see the gates of Heaven!

Burn down all before me
Kill the wolf to save the sheep
Who pray the lord their soul to keep
The road to heaven is f**king Steep!

I raise cane and bring forth hell
In my trills I will not fail
For the lord I shall prevail
In this damned world I will rebel!
(5 secs then Tempo change) ...

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Sun Day

Sun-day school is a place I hate and your love i appreciate
with fear in my mind and love in kind
I try to find a place I left behind
but to my love you were blind
slowly it will disappate
untill all thats left is my hate
I turn to God to save my soul
and hope that new events will unfold

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