Erin Bryce Poems

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The World As It Really Is

My only friend is anonymity,
Her elusiveness keeps me going,
I hide behind a mask of words,
My true face? Never showing.

To Catiline

Who'd have thought the day would come?
Every man's worst fear come to life
The light at the end, this life is done
The supposed end to all our strife


His unforgiving egotism was naught but a normal man's dreams
Fool, I'd have shot him though the heart if I'd had the chance
From my past I've grown deaf to those screams
I sent that ingrate to join Death in a final dance

Conceive It Proper

Doctor of man I am nothing in compare to either of their merit
Between gentlemen, despicable and more despicable are not worth the pains of a distinction
A man here lost his life and I sat by idly, I sorrowfully swear it
The ludicrousness of such an honor defense will be here admitted without discretion

The Human Elgin Botanical Garden

Dear deceased Alexander has reached the end of the game
The bullet of anger and spite and maliciousness
‘Tis a nauseating pity that I was forced to bear witness
This world the future of this country will never be the same

The Morrisanian

On seven-eleven in eighteen-o-four
Truly his was an odd destiny
My dear brother Hamilton did knock on Death’s door
And did he ask the opinion of another? No, not of me


There is no God without the Devil,
There is not one without the other.
With no acceptance one gains no level.
There is no child without a mother.


B-Bmp B-Bmp

I can hear my own heart beating
In my last and final few

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