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I was told you're no longer real any more,
I was told you're only just a song.
A lyric that's felt solely in rhymes,
That writers weave through words to always speak their minds

Can I be your friend even though I'm far away?
Can I be the one you can always talk to every, passing day?
I know the times might be tough; I know there are times you cry.
I know many don't understand the pain you usually feel deep down inside.

We don't milk them from blood vessels, as the case might be,
Stranger now, brother, it's funny how the paradigm shifts.
Born in adversity from the altar call to service,
How can I call you a brother again after all your service?

Echoes still echo, but unto you I look,
Friends leave, but unto you I still look,
If my family also leaves, who will I really run to?
I still ask myself, 'Is this all there is to life? '

Calm yet tender, beautiful with a smile,
eyes that glow, an angel we eulogized.
Mother to all, you were so for a while,
Fifty dropped the call, and suddenly you lost all you had for a while.

Broken heart, dirge on repeat, pen on a mission,
Parched lines, painful tears, memories in oblivion.
half sonnets, partial octaves, pages in ruins,
How long will a smile beckon, are you that perfect friend too?

How broken can my heart be again?
How broken can the memories still be from yesterday?
How broken can it be after all these years,
Sixth was the number, I lost another beautiful pearl.

At times you see words but I see stories,
At times you see black lines, but I see more than just stories,
the countless pains that still echo through the years,
So many untold stories, the beginning of every painful tear.

At first the reality, didn't hit the way it really hits now,
Saying good bye has never been harder than it is now.
All those memories now recollected in vials of tears,
Is this what life really entails; to be born today only to fade away within few years?

Suffice it to say you've won, dear beast of the greenery field.
On your lips, you still play your song, an unending do re mi,
From friend to foe, the synergy soothingly passes on.
Always veracious from the lips, where did we really go wrong?

I would have written all the letters at once, but I guess my heart still yearns for that special 'C',
'A' for another will that person hopefully some day, finally be me?
'R' for a rest, I'm still on a journey hoping one day I might find that special one,
'I' for idyllic, will I some day find that happiness I've always longed for, when I finally settle in your arms?

I know it sounds crazy, but that's how you seem to have taken me aback,
Beautiful is how I'll call you; extraordinaire a luminary you are and a perfect semblance of all that beauty has.
Still hard to guess your name, but I know its nature is beautifully birthed in love,
That's the same feeling that encompassed my entire being the day my eyes took a snap shot of your love.

She wrote in many letters, but I understood in A, B, C
Do a reversal of roles you might understand what I mean.
The first was looked like love, and an (A) ngel is all I saw,
The second was an uncertain trust, but a (B) eautiful smile, was the bliss she she always wore,

Unbelievable at times the verses might have been,
half the stories I told are still left unforeseen.
Written on placid hearts, still buried in doubts,
'I love you' has never felt colder than it is now.

It's hard to define what we still share,
It's hard to understand if you're still here.
It's difficult to comprehend if there's something we some how share.
I didn't ask for much, just some friendly care.

Many stories have been told about you already and your legacy still lives on,
Buried in the hearts of many who still play the same old song.
Tall tales across different lips, many still stolen with a kiss,
Believe the lie, forsake the truth and your the next piece of meat to meet every single need.

You'll understand all these lines were not just little poems,
But valid expressions of my heart and how I actually felt.
Empty lines they appear, on papers they make the count,
Some day you'll understand what they were actually all about.

Have you ever tried to put an end to love, only to realize the commas come calling again?
That's how I actually feel now when I always your face.
Not alike to the ones I once saw before, A different spark it has, and my heart can't ignore.
A splendor from the eyes, probably I should have started my little verse from there,

I once dated a beautiful girl, agreeably I really miss those days,
Someone once said 'it's easy to
get over your ex' true, but my
situation was never the case.

So many voices speak yet my mind is still far away,
Not where hearts meet, but at the cross roads of where my dreams lay,
In yonder lands and from a mile I see,
The growth of my dreams that keep beckoning to me.

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I was told you're no longer real any more,
I was told you're only just a song.
A lyric that's felt solely in rhymes,
That writers weave through words to always speak their minds
Many don't believe you exist any more,
Others see you as a hobbyist who keeps on knocking on many doors.
But what I've always seen is that perfect friend who never gave up on me,
The perfect muse that has always carried me through the years from the dungeon of insanity.

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