Esther Hadassah Sendeza Poems

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Not My Heart

Stop looking into my eyes,
You'll find nothing there.
Stop trying to let yourself in,
I have locked all my doors.

Your Lifeline In A Crumbling World

You are your lifeline,
So take care of yourself.

Love yourself,

Through Your Eyes

Not from another's perception,
Not from what you think you must achieve,
Not from what they think you should be,
Not from the weight you carry on your back.

I Crave You

I crave you,
I crave you in the most innocent form
To take long walks with you in the dawn
And watch the day break with your hand in mine

Hold My Hand

today and tommorow,
hold my hand through my happiness and sorrow.

Lessons Of The Heart

The heart so fragile but still lessons to be learnt,
when you search deep inside it you'll find the memories that were burnt.

The deceit,

I Love You Too

To live and to love in every other way,
to find the chance and the perfect words to say,
to hold you tight and next to you always lay,
every day and every night i humbly pray.

A Touch Of Spring

She sits on her bed laughing,
the drugs in her system embarking,
the poison inside her searching,
another day gone shes now crying.

Lifeless Life

I wish i knew this before,
but don't we all?
right before we fall
Is this pain going to end, i ask

Will You Love Me The Same?

I sat in the quietness on one starry night,
Away from the noise and the city lights.
Eyes closed and lost in thoughts.

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