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Stop looking into my eyes,
You'll find nothing there.
Stop trying to let yourself in,
I have locked all my doors.

You are your lifeline,
So take care of yourself.

Love yourself,

Not from another's perception,
Not from what you think you must achieve,
Not from what they think you should be,
Not from the weight you carry on your back.

I crave you,
I crave you in the most innocent form
To take long walks with you in the dawn
And watch the day break with your hand in mine

today and tommorow,
hold my hand through my happiness and sorrow.

The heart so fragile but still lessons to be learnt,
when you search deep inside it you'll find the memories that were burnt.

The deceit,

To live and to love in every other way,
to find the chance and the perfect words to say,
to hold you tight and next to you always lay,
every day and every night i humbly pray.

She sits on her bed laughing,
the drugs in her system embarking,
the poison inside her searching,
another day gone shes now crying.

I wish i knew this before,
but don't we all?
right before we fall
Is this pain going to end, i ask

I sat in the quietness on one starry night,
Away from the noise and the city lights.
Eyes closed and lost in thoughts.

I have fallen in love with myself,
In love with the entirety of everything that speaks me.
It has been one long way to get here,
But every step, every scar has got me here.

For seeing the pain in others,
And feeling it so deeply.
For reading the eyes of suffering children
And feeling it so deeply.

With all that you come with,
With all that makes you who you are.
All the baggage,
And all that you dont like about yourself.

I know you've been burnt,
Welcome to your healing.
I know you've lost trust,
Welcome to trusting again.

For the times you were being real,
And my fear told me otherwise.
For the time you were kind,
And my heart didnt dwell on it.

I know a tale of that house,
That stood so tall,
Strong through the seasons,
A sight admired by all.

When I walked past the mirror yesterday,
I didn't recognize myself,
I got so sucked into the world,
That I forgot who I was,

It was getting darker ahead,
My feet were getting tired.
I was surrounded by the unknown,
And I wanted to get out of there,

Will you love me through anything?
I want to know,
Will the fire burn us?
Consume us? Until we are no more?

He says I light up his sky,
That I am on the throne in his paradise.
He says when he gets out of bed,
I am the first morning air he wants to breathe.

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I feel poetry in the depth of my soul. As a young 10 year old girl growing up in the Warm heart of Africa, I was so in love with writing and old literature, I began writing poetry then and i haven't stopped since. Poetry is therapy, Poetry helps me find the words when i cannot speak them out. Poetry is experience, in fact - life itself is Poetry. Instagram @ Mi_llamo_hadassah)

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Not My Heart

Stop looking into my eyes,
You'll find nothing there.
Stop trying to let yourself in,
I have locked all my doors.

Stop throwing your heart to me,
Because I won't give you mine.
Stop opening up to me
Because i won't let you in.

See I have built walls so high,
That no one can get past.
So, don't give me your heart,
Beacause darling, I won't give you mine.

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Thanks Fabrizio I like your pieces a lot too..

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Fabrizio Frosini 23 July 2015

as I've read and enjoyed a good deal of your well penned poems, here is a.. ''LIKE'' :) thanks for sharing your poetry, Esther greetings from Italy

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