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True beauty does not reside,
In your body or your face.
True beauty lies within,
Like a diamond in its case.


Some people think that they,
Are the only one who matters.
Others don't really care,
Their emotions left in tatters.

When Life Gets You Down...

When life gets you down,
And you're going through hell.
Keep a smile on your face,
So that no one can tell.

Dear Dad...

Dear Dad,
To me god is just dog spelled backwards, in my eyes I'm not religious but I consider my self as an agnostic. If god (spelled backwards) is really all that great then why can't we be who we are (without the consequences) . If god (spelled backwards) really exists and really loves us then shouldn't we support he support us in any thing we decide to do. If god (spelled backwards) is so great then can he create a mountain that he cannot pick up? This is why (to me) god is just dog spelled backwards. Some people think of a dog as smelly and un deserving of love. I think god (spelled backwards) is like that. But don't judge me for this, remember this is America and I can believe in what I choose. Most people consider a dog as man's best friend. Lets hope that dog (spelled backwards) doesn't catch rabies.

Sometimes I Feel Like...

Yes! I have found the deed to do,
And this is the place to do it.
This heart, I'll run a dagger through,
Though I, in hell should rue it.

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07 October 2021

I am not what I have sought to be, Or sought to be what I am. I am not as guilty as it may seem, Or as innocent as the lamb.

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I am a teenage gothic poet!
(Taught by Dan Devaughn)