Evi Koroni Poems

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Racism, islamophobia, homophobia, blackphobia
Why so fear in the air?
Why so fear in their lives?
Why we are not living in a cool jeweled moon?

Drunk Words

I'm bawl for love but,
love is not here.
I'm bawl for you and me but,
only my shadow is to hear me.

A Blues For Her

Stop talking, leave me alone.
Keep the silence, let me catch the sun.
I'm staring at her. A smile, that smile.
A strong reason to live.

I Believe

I believe in "the return"
of all those that passed away
a lovely day or
a lonely night.

The Song

I would like one day to be reborn
but, not as a human
being. This has been a tiring existence to me.
I would like to be just

Wild World

Childhood dreams are gone
innocent laugh is gone
now, we must become something important
so, people get wild

Good Morning

A morning, I woke up
with a woman
naked by my side
on the bed.

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