Fading Heart Poems

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...Alone But Willing...

Writing this words brings smile to my heart
Before i meet you i was alone but willing
I my wildest dream you would
take me in when it was chilling

There Will Be No Saving Tonight

The lier does not sing
The lier awaits hes target
The target is set on me

Fading Heart

You Said You Would Come

you said you would be there

i dont under stand
i am here alone

Closed Me.(Eating My Tears For Breakfast)

The eye in which i can not see
Hidden Beware
The bad side of me

Color Alone

alone is not sad
alone is not upset
alone is alone
but alone is not black

I Want To Write

This is what i want to do
this makes me happy
in so many ways
but you are going to take this

A Gently Sound You Can Feel

In my ear
A gently sound
I can hear
When your around

A Train I Should Have Never Taken

The trolley passed me on the train with refreshments on it.
The ride was not yet over
But i felt as if it has been months

Folding False Truth

Life is the long line of up and down side to side action experience and emotion.Surround the line is only by fear of ocean.Leave me be you can not change me with you evilly making a potion.To change is to leave myself.To gain another in itself.There will no longers be me.

The longer this takes the long my mind feels like it is goes to remember me.Me.I used to be me.Myself.Not alone not having no one call my phone.

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