Folding False Truth Poem by Fading Heart

Folding False Truth

Life is the long line of up and down side to side action experience and emotion.Surround the line is only by fear of ocean.Leave me be you can not change me with you evilly making a potion.To change is to leave myself.To gain another in itself.There will no longers be me.

The longer this takes the long my mind feels like it is goes to remember me.Me.I used to be me.Myself.Not alone not having no one call my phone.

Lifting the long line of mine i see false folding in the construction of my life i wasnt born the way other were.My head was not to arrive untill later.

Telling me was the worst part because i was, am and breath different.If there is a point of living it isnt here so i am laying on a thin piece of rop.Push me and i will fall but still.Cut me and i will brake but still hang.

To survive i must folding my false truth
And became you of them
not a family
not a home
a place.

Kali Abyss 17 November 2009

Like it very much 10!

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Joseph Poewhit 17 November 2009

'folding false truths ' really says a lot.

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