Farrukh Ahmad

(10 June 1918 - 19 October 1974 / Magura / Bangladesh)

Farrukh Ahmad Poems

1. To My Poem 3/23/2012
2. To The Poet 3/23/2012
3. Son Of Man 3/23/2012
4. The Brilliant Lamp: Muhammad Mustafa (S.M.) 3/23/2012
5. In The Meadow Of Mainamoti: 3 3/23/2012
6. The Vultures 3/23/2012
7. From 'Dilruba' 5th Canto, No 6 3/23/2012
8. In The Coming Winter 3/23/2012
9. The Train 3/23/2012
10. From &Quot;Naufel And Hatem&Quot; 3/23/2012
11. Acquaintance 3/23/2012
12. I Shall Wake You Up 3/23/2012
13. Night At Kanchra Para 3/23/2012
14. The Mind 3/23/2012
15. The Background 3/23/2012
16. The Youth-Brigade 3/23/2012
17. I Called Her In That Name 3/23/2012
18. Dejection 3/23/2012
19. From Outside Of The Cradle 3/23/2012
20. Dahuk 3/23/2012
21. An Atheist's Prayer : His Confession 3/23/2012
22. The Dead-Body 3/23/2012
23. The Whistle Of The Magpie Robin 3/23/2012
24. Punjeri (The Navigator) 3/23/2012
25. A Moment's Poem 3/23/2012
26. The Sailor Of The Seven Seas 3/23/2012
27. Personal Explanation 3/23/2012

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Best Poem of Farrukh Ahmad

Personal Explanation

Many a time my well-wishers opined that
I have a very bright future before me−
That is, through sinful earning,
Big post, money,
House in Park Circus;
Purse-proud daughter as pleasure companion.

But when hope belied them at a premature time, they said :
It's senility that made me good for nothing,
A vagabond!
I peddle pieces of idealism on the foot-path.
I don not hesitate to compare Park Circus
With a quarter of the hell;
Because I see the pus of capitalism
Accumulated in dust-bins there
(Although dressed up in varieties of ...

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The Dead-Body

On one side at the corner of the broad street
Where dust had no place on black shining pitch
Lies a dead body flat on earth;
The evening crowd never took notice of that.

I know, it's human carcass now flat on earth,
Emaciated with heat and hunger dead and still;
Well-dressed men and women like fiends pass by
−Stone houses like deadly prisons,

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