Farrukh Ahmad

(10 June 1918 - 19 October 1974 / Magura / Bangladesh)

Farrukh Ahmad Poems

1. To My Poem 3/23/2012
2. To The Poet 3/23/2012
3. Son Of Man 3/23/2012
4. The Brilliant Lamp: Muhammad Mustafa (S.M.) 3/23/2012
5. In The Meadow Of Mainamoti: 3 3/23/2012
6. The Vultures 3/23/2012
7. From 'Dilruba' 5th Canto, No 6 3/23/2012
8. In The Coming Winter 3/23/2012
9. The Train 3/23/2012
10. From &Quot;Naufel And Hatem&Quot; 3/23/2012
11. Acquaintance 3/23/2012
12. I Shall Wake You Up 3/23/2012
13. Night At Kanchra Para 3/23/2012
14. The Mind 3/23/2012
15. The Background 3/23/2012
16. The Youth-Brigade 3/23/2012
17. I Called Her In That Name 3/23/2012
18. Dejection 3/23/2012
19. From Outside Of The Cradle 3/23/2012
20. Dahuk 3/23/2012
21. An Atheist's Prayer : His Confession 3/23/2012
22. The Dead-Body 3/23/2012
23. The Whistle Of The Magpie Robin 3/23/2012
24. Punjeri (The Navigator) 3/23/2012
25. A Moment's Poem 3/23/2012
26. The Sailor Of The Seven Seas 3/23/2012
27. Personal Explanation 3/23/2012
Best Poem of Farrukh Ahmad

Personal Explanation

Many a time my well-wishers opined that
I have a very bright future before me−
That is, through sinful earning,
Big post, money,
House in Park Circus;
Purse-proud daughter as pleasure companion.

But when hope belied them at a premature time, they said :
It's senility that made me good for nothing,
A vagabond!
I peddle pieces of idealism on the foot-path.
I don not hesitate to compare Park Circus
With a quarter of the hell;
Because I see the pus of capitalism
Accumulated in dust-bins there
(Although dressed up in varieties of ...

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When for a moment two trains meet face to face
And then run to their own destinations,
You flash in my mind in hazy images
And shapeless faces flicker back to my mind.
What gain now to remember our meeting together
On those parallel rails in that very field,
(What use to drag on bygone time and date?)
Yet I hold on that time (I could easily forget).

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