farzana hossain Poems

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I lost everything when i lost you.
I lost my life when i lost you.
I lost my senses when I find my self in a deep misery.
I lost my pride when I lost my potency of loving you.


Dark is a shade of my heart.
When I close my eyes I see a ray of light in dark.
It gives me pleasure of finding you in dark.
It gives me life of your existence.

I Love You

I love you the way you are.
I love you the way you touch me.
I love you the way rose bloom.
I love you the way stars shine.

Summer Rain

You ever had seen summer rain.
It comes like a wild reflection.
It goes like a bird fly away in a yawning sky.
I don’t want to let it go away.


Take my hand you will discover a different earth.
Where no one will tell you what to do.
The earth is yours, full of satisfaction.
Take my hand I will show you the way you deserve yourself.

City Night

Night is lively.
Night is stunning
Night is pleasurable.
Night is sugary like apple pie.

Unknown Road

My shadow question me where i am going?
an unknown road, where day never comes.
i am scared to walk alone in this long run.
God help me to find out a new way.

Many Times In My Life

Many times in my life I have disappointed you,
and begun to stray.
But you have pointed me in the right direction,
and sent me on my way.

Dream World

I had a dream
Splashy, blurry, cranky, sober.
I had a dream house.
That stays near the shore of my trembling heart.

You And I

You and I in a starry night.
You and I smelling the nature.
You and I watching the falling star and make a wish for each other.
You and I feeling the wild wind blowing toward's an unknown direction.

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