Summer Rain Poem by farzana hossain

Summer Rain

Rating: 4.8

You ever had seen summer rain.
It comes like a wild reflection.
It goes like a bird fly away in a yawning sky.
I don’t want to let it go away.
Cause this is the most gorgeous rain I ever seen.
It keeps some memory inside of me.
Love strike like a rain drops in my heart.
I feel you in each raindrop.
It covers my face like a star casing the sky.
You ever had seen summer rain.
Sense the whisper of the rain.
So I can feel you in the summer rain.
I want to hold that thought.
It makes me passionate about you.
And it makes you smile like a cupid.
Come along with me now.
I want to enjoy this baffling rain.
That’s why I ask you?
You ever had seen summer rain.

Lola Cunningham 16 March 2007

farzana, really...very well done. I've given you a 10-had I be able, I would have given you a 10 for every rain drop!

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Roger Bowman 28 November 2006

Love it Farzana. Cool Roger

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Peter A. Crowther 27 October 2005

Beautiful poem with some lovely images. No wonder it has been rated so highly

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