Dream World Poem by farzana hossain

Dream World

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I had a dream
Splashy, blurry, cranky, sober.
I had a dream house.
That stays near the shore of my trembling heart.
I had a fairy dream world.
Which stands for joyless, sweetness, tenderness.
I had a rotten dream doll house.
Where sarcastic wild wind blows.
Where little baby never touches the purifying slenderness.
Is it so weired to live in my dream world.
Is it so bitter that hurts my purifying soul.
will you still want to stay alive in my dream world?
promise it wont break your heart like me.
Promise it wont shake your thought like me.
Promise it wont make your tears fall apart from your eyes like me.
I had a dream world.
Lacking, wondering, bursting.
Still i want to spend my life in this dream world.
Good to be true, still i am in this deserted dream world.
Is this a morning light?
Just wake up from the dream world.
Still waiting to be a part of this clueless dream world.

Alfredo Jacques 29 November 2006

cool poem I like 'Where sarcasting wild wind blows.' great line

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Prasanna Kumari 09 September 2006

dear farzana, i thik those words came from my pen.i share the same thoughts with u.this is a beautiful poem.i will submit my poem Home later.u may see some resemblance thank u for sharing the thoughts which go through many women love, prasanna

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