Kumarmani Mahakul Father Poems

Meet Father Meet

This is truly a precious hour,
By his touch blooms flower.
Tower touches peak rays sing,
Stars shine with forming a ring.

Purify Us Dear Father

Impurity has grown much
Turning heaven in to hell
Everywhere we see violence
Sorrows and pain acquire us.

Father We Are In Your Day

Oh dear father, father of all
All creatures love you is true
You have made every day is nice
You remember and we remember you.

Remembrance To Father

God loves his sweet children and does say to remember him,
He also says to Brahmin to teach Raj Yoga meditation with vim.

Children who are instrument teachers have great responsibility,

He Is Greatest Father, You Are Not

He is our beloved God, eternal father,
He is only our greatest father of all souls,
As a soul you are brother of all of us,
Because we belong to same father of heaven!

ओह प्रिय पिता, मैं तुम्हें प्यार करता हूँ।
आप अनन्त हैं। आप जबरदस्त हैं।
आप प्यार में हैं। मुझे प्यार हो गया है।
प्रिय, इस प्रेम शाश्वत है।

Remain With Father

Remain with father dear brother,
Light of ocean he is do not bother.
Fear cannot touch also the danger.
Love binds always with a stranger.

Follow Father Soon

Father is spreading boon,
Awake! Follow father soon.
Father is teaching letter,
You all soon learn better.

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