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my motherland
in you I have identified my name
my name buried so long under

I'm surrounded by Fire
And it's burning me
but don't tell Mama
I'm surrounded by Water

I will never die
Even when all I have worked for crumbles
I will never die
Even when fate decides

I Met a guy who kissed
my hand
on my journey to a far
away land

Do you believe in love the way I do?
Do you think we believe in the same love?
Genuine love
Pure love

My everything
for you I will do anything
so far you've change my world
through your said words


The mother of beauty is
worthy of our invitation
and acceptance.

my mother
my good mother
my beautiful mother
my humble mother

life is unfair
life is mean
life is wicked
life is unbearable

There was a Girl
A teenage Girl
she has all changed
Her personality has changed

Is this Freedom?

Yes, who are you?



I was in need,
i needed a friend
to share my thoughts
and secrets.

I sit and my mind travels,
back to the moments we had.
some were fantastic and good,
some were bad and sad.

Young we are
our stories we don't know
our origin we fight to educe
the world has made us intrepid

Peace is Harmoney
for it cannot be bought with
our money
it seeks sudden silence

A blind goddess
who seeks truth, feels truth
and knows truth
she sees nothing but truth

When our tears are as dry as a
and our mind as shallow as a lake
and our laughter no longer receding

The heart,
is of two types
the lying heart
and the loving heart.

In the dark chambers
of the world
without life and light
i stay

Favour Chinemerem Ugwumba Biography

Favour Ugwumba is a young Nigerian writer born on the 26th of August 1999 into the family of Mr and Mrs martin Ugwumba, she is the 4th of 6 children, And began writing at the age of 9.A great story teller, a novelist, a poet and a writer. She is from isiekenesi in ideato south L.G.A of Imo state. she speaks English and Igbo Language and aspires to be a medical doctor and a great writer. she speaks, she writes, she motivates, she inspires, she trains and she produces. she is also the author of the book WHEN FATE DECIDES. And An active member of Thought and society, an organization that enables and enhances young writers. she is also the founder of BEING A GIRL. an organization that show cases the importance of young girls in the society. writing is her life.)

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Africa My Motherland

my motherland
in you I have identified my name
my name buried so long under
the pains of separation and segregation
my eyes are seeing the excellency of the present
and my ears hearing No More Racism

oh! Africa
revealed beyond the rains of the past
with days of dreams and abandoned ideas
in your presence I have discovered
the memory of our being.
serving my motherland is my hobby

God bless Africa! !
My motherland! ! !

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Kenechukwu 20 November 2018

Hello miss Favour. How can I reach you via social media

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Grace Mariner 13 May 2016

Love....what a beautiful and heartfelt writing!

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Fabrizio Frosini 19 July 2015

I've read more than half of the poems you've posted at PH till now and have to say that your poetry is really very good.. as you're only 16, your future is bright for sure greetings from Italy

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Favour Chinemerem Ugwumba 17 November 2014

life by favour ugwumba is an inspirational poem

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Favour Chinemerem Ugwumba Quotes

Favour is a Flavour that adds Savour to your Labour.

even if you don't have a role model refuse to be an old model.

when Fate decides no one, can compromise it

Am too relevant to be neglected

You can always make a difference

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Favour Chinemerem Ugwumba Popularity

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