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You cannot understand the mind of a young woman
Its like a religion
Facts and myths are told
Always beyond comprehension

You are beautiful
Your love shines right through me
Every time I hear your name
It makes my cheeks red with shame

Christians you believe in something I cannot
There is no logic or reason
Just thought
Like the weather changes its seasons

We yell and scorn at Him,
Others mourn for Him,
His body stained by blood and sweat, -
We owe Him a great debt.

We are born as sinners
Yet every child is innocent in God's eyes
So that every child goes to heaven
But those of us who are older,


I am hurt when you are hurt
I am dead when you are dead
So the only way to make myself better again
Is to heal your wounds, then maybe I’ll live again

We have been through so much together,
Blood spilt entwined forever.

Through the forest we must run,

See me, feel me, touch me, be me

Kiss me, love me, want me, need me

Yes i am invisible sometimes
And so are my rhymes

O to be invisible!

Sing sweetly my dear bird
I love your songs, when they are heard

Sing sweetly my little friend

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Understanding The Mind Of A Young Woman

You cannot understand the mind of a young woman
Its like a religion
Facts and myths are told
Always beyond comprehension

You will figure out the facts
Small, little facts
Through the years of being together
Yet when you gather
Will your fellow man
(O so much better!)
Every single fact you tell is different from another
A man will tell a fact of a woman,
another man will say it is not true
And tell them his own facts
In which another argument will pursue

I shall explain more simply
Why it is pointless to understand the mind of a young woman
Because all women are different!
Men have the same mind
Women are individuals
She has her own feelings, experiences-

The mind of women is not for men to know
Because it is ours alone
Only women possess this gift
Or curse some may call it

To understand the mind of a woman
You must be one of our own
So if you wish to be one of our own
You may ask us, the secrets of a woman

If not
Don’t even try

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Agata Konopka 09 March 2005

Your poetry is as loud as your emotion, I wish you luck in trying to figure out this difficult test which is life

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Pradeep Dhavakumar 09 December 2004

From your poetry I see a fighter..Both you and your friend, keep fighting you will always win in life.

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missy harris 03 December 2004

your work is very passionate i admire that

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, , , 30 November 2004

I am British, My wife is American, a published author and works here in a London publishing firm. Her brother is a journalist on the East coast. Her father is a professor in the States. We talk a lot about politics. I never liked Mr. Bush. After so much hysteria from Canadians and French and anyone who else who is looking for reasons to bash the president, after poems like yours that reflect a gut feeling and isn’t based on a full discussion of all the facts, After so much crusading to demonize him, like your poem, it finally had an effect on me……. I have changed my mind, and have decided to support the president of my wife’s home. Thank you for helping me make a decision that I can be proud of.

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