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(: Briley.

I can't leave you alone, if you haven't already guessed.

And not being near you would be really hard, believe me. But if it meant seeing you smile i'd do it. No matter what the costs.

Teenage Love3

Two teenagers in love,

They don't know if it could last

&it Hurts When..

It really hurts when the one you notice hardly notices you.

The story always goes, we were best friends[[Period.]]

Who Whould'Ve Known? ?

Going though my life like this,

who knew I would feel like this.

Maybe, Just Maybee..

I know you mean alot of things but I can detect lies too.

It's not like i'm an idiot,

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I am currently a freshman at my school.[[it's not all that great]] I have gone through a load of crap in my life, and i still am. I believe that love does exist! ! and im on an incrediable journey to find it.I may have had love before but that came to an end in august: (.but its all okay I HAVE! made it through :)
I am a scared & slig ...

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