Frank (Black) Blacharczyk Poems

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Grave Yards Are Full Of

regrets like sand easily blown away by the wind
Some regrets hang on for a while whisper with time
Some regrets hiding behind drugs and alcohol won't die
but return with a sobering slap

Runaway Soul

Grieving men walking in darkness
carrying the boy to his grave with a final march
The boy's soul was a runaway soul
buying a one - way ticket leaving in the dead of night

Hop Skip And Jump

unquestioning faith
propaganda sweet like candy
follow the yellow brick road
paved with good intentions

I Am Who I Am

The crucified thief had no escape
No one to cry or to say good bye
No past no history only a thief condemned
With another who was born with a choir of angels

When We Met (For Patricia)

When we first met the sun was setting
When our eyes met fate began dealing
In a convenience store on a corner
No romantic music no candles on a table for two

The Edge Of His Cloak

Hell was breathing fire
Unquenchable heat thirsty fury
But this man like no man no devil
No magician could perform like He performed

Orders From The Easy Chair

They anxiously waited in the trenches pacing with God
Few questions were asked but does God welcome the enemy too
Impatiently patiently listening for the whistle
to run the race into eternity or something worse

Woke Up This Morning

Welcome to another day in my paradise
I open my bedroom window and sometimes
I hear many voices in perfect harmony
the river singing like a choir of angels

Fell In Love, Sort Of

I fell in love was it chance was it a twist of fate
Looked into her eyes and fell in love
I fell in love as I saw it
thought it would be a made for TV movie

Looking Back

I stand on this plot of ground
thinking about my life
the good I have done the bad I have done
the love I have created the hate that I stirred

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