And God Created Poem by Frank (Black) Blacharczyk

And God Created

And God created the earth in six days
rested on the seventh day satisfied
Yet on the sixth day God created man in his own image
man and woman woman and man
no specific colour or appearance like we see
in the movies books and canvases
This deception is a tasty temptation easy to swallow
Easy to follow

Eve ate the tasty fruit deceived by that clever serpent
then gave it to Adam who took a heavenly bite
Once they were naked and free now just naked
playing hide and seek waiting and hiding
hoping they won't be found
with the forbidden fruit the evidence
the bite marks that sealed their guilt

As God walked in the garden He called for his creation
Like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar
And with a politician's voice looking for an alibi
The finger made its point
Eve blamed the serpent Adam blamed Eve
And the first excuses were created
Funny excuses never disappeared never became extinct

Frank Black Blacharczyk

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