I Am Who I Am Poem by Frank (Black) Blacharczyk

I Am Who I Am

Rating: 3.0

The crucified thief had no escape
No one to cry or to say good bye
No past no history only a thief condemned
With another who was born with a choir of angels
proclaiming joy to the world to shepherds in a field
An innocent man a traitor's kiss was nailed to a cross
For no reason but the cruelty in man's soul
Being mocked suffering a criminal's verdict
Legs quiver hearts and souls shivered

Life isn't fair for the innocent or the sinner
Suffer unjustly or justly no excuse needed
The price needs to be paid blood needs to be shed
Hate and jealousy need to be fed
To ease our conscience a sacrifice must be made

The thief fell to his knees as he hung on a criminal's cross
Doubts and pain were coming to an end so was life
His breath was short and his prayer was quick
He confessed his guilt as to a priest
As if life itself depended on it and with a final plea
Remember me today when you come into your kingdom
The Son of Man breathing in agony in pain in love with mercy
Surrounded by a choir of angels
Truly I tell you, today, you will be with me in paradise
And with that sacrifice the guilty man's burden was lifted

Frank Black Blacharczyk

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