Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal

Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India
Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal
Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India

Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Friend Poems

As A Friend

Can you tell me as a friend?
Where life starts and world end
May I fail to catch glimpse of beauty?
Will not everyone laugh at me with pity?

Prayer For Friend

As the cruel hands approached,
pushed hard to take life and touched,
No more could do the would be wife,
the life hung in balance to the edge of knife,

Who Can Be Real Friend?

Noble, simple and honest friend
Who can take you to logical end?
Never put you in shame and always offer
All help in time and opinion never differ

Poor Friend

I had a friend very honest but poor,
Luck did not favour and blessings not shower,
Hardly you may find or class fewer,
I wondered but had no answer,

My Friend In Mirror

I was shocked and almost remained frozen
When saw reflection in mirror with faces in dozens
All bore deserted look remained barren
It frightened me as if I had descended from foreign

Special Friend

Friend in need is friend in deed,
Modern friends only provide feed,
Desert in right time and never bleed,
Fine product of special breed,

My Best Female Friend

My best female friend

What did I see in her?
Simple and live picture

Henna-The Careless Friend

Henna- Thecareless friend
Thursday,19th September 2019


My Friend- Angela Gurung

My friend-Angela Gurung
Friday,5th June 2020

My friend Angela Gurung

In Friend

People are looking forward
With a dream of simple word
That you shall help out
And take care to talk about

Forgive Me O, Friend

Forgive me o, my dearest friend
For pushing you to the corner or dead end
You were taken to smoking
And then to hashish and smacking

Girl Friend

It is beautiful to dream about girl friend
As world is wide and horizon has no end
Sky is limitless and youth is like wrong wind
It can flow in any direction and beautifully find

Friend Named Sahar

O, dear Sahar, Sahar, < Sahar
You are so close still very far
I can't reach you by car
Bur I can see you in bright star

Lifetime Friend

Lifetime friend
Monday,19th April 2021

I was riding on the crest of waves

Good Friend

Good friend
Sunday,1st August 2021

You are my good friend alright

Granny New Friend

Granny new friend

It had been my pleasure
To endure

Best Friend Listens

Best friend

It is your friend
Who is at receiving end?

Dear And Friend

What can be gateway?
To have access in honorable way
Either trough exemplary word
Or service to mother land

For A Friend

For a friend
Sunday,15th July 2018

I have an unknown friend

In Friend Circle

In friend circle

It has two ways

As Friend

As friends

I will not ask
Or take the task

Gorgeous And Divine Friend

Gorgeous and divine friend

I watched rose plant
Just curiously but did not know what I want?

Real Friend

Real friend

Thursday, December 28,2017
6: 51 PM

My Close Friend

My close friend
Monday,15th July 2019

Be my close friend

Not A True Friend-Mirror

Not a true friend-Mirror
Tuesday,3rd August 2021

Sight of mirror

Sick Friend

I know you are heartless
Still keep smile on face
Eagerly see you once
And wait for next chance

A Love And Friend

A love and friend
No beginning and end
No comparison either
Distinct from each other




Distant Friend

Distant friend
Tuesday,23rd April 2019

The words were honest

Childhood Friend

I saw childhood friend named as Ibhrahim
Very pious, devoted and near replica of Him
True Momin(follower of truth) and servant of poor
He will welcome, provide the service but never show door

A Need For Noble Friend

We need noble, simple and honest friend
Who can take us to logical end
Never put you in shame and always offer
All help in time and in opinion never differ

Ally Or Friend

I am poet alright
Every one expects me to fight
Raise slogans or banner of revolt
Shake the mentality and give jolt

As Mother And Friend

As mother and friend

Whole of the world is at your feet
When you exchange and greet

Make Time-The Friend

Make time -The friend
Saturday,8th August 2020

O, dear friend!

Close Friend

Close friend

I proposed her to be close friend
I was sure she will shoot up and end

Unknown Friend

It was hell from sky
The atomic bombs were to fly
Over Japanese territory
Whose king remained handy?

Friend On Line

My poetess friend is on line
Would love for poems to find day's shine
I was really impressed for keen interest
It was in general for best interest

Rose My Friend

She wants to be friend
Many writers need them in the end
To clap and appreciate
There remains only small gate

Word From Friend

Word from friend

I heard sobbing voice from friend
She was almost crying from far end

Friend's Birthday

Today is happy birthday
Even though it is not my day
I feel the joy of being part
But feeling shy that how to start?

No Girl Friend

No girl friend

You want girl friend
But excuses end

My Intimate And Close Friend

My Intimate Friend

She introduced herself as Mic Roada*
I smiled and replied "my intimate and Close"

To The Invisible Friend

To the founder
Wednesday,17th October 2018

I have seized the chance

Worthless As Friend

I was unable to decide whether to smile or not
For unexpected setback over which I had not thought
It happens sometimes in life and we got to swallow
Even if not disliked yet to welcome and allow

For Stroll As Friend

I never dreamed
Such a vision to be beamed
Before eyes
With little try

Wish For Good Friend

What do you wish for a good friend or close associate?
He or she should be with us and rush immediate
This is more or less necessary at the time of need
When relation is free from any angle or greed

New Friend

You get overjoyed when find new friend
Like precious jewel from market at the end
Same can happen in your real life too as fine catch
When you find a friend with equal caliber and match

Difficult As Friend

I cared not to understand
She was proving difficult as friend
Did I need to change my trend?
I was pushed to very far end

Best Friend

Girl’s best desire can be good friend
Can take her to safety and well deserved end
Where she need not think of another world
With all the warm relation and no place for cold

As A Distant Friend

As a distant friend
Tuesday,23rd April 2019

The words were honest