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Stay here with me
I need you to be here, at the side of me
Now that I am having issues that try me
It will be the best time to see your loyalty to me

Combine all the feelings inside you
Sieve through the emotions that swirl around you
Filter out the sentiments that darken the glow
Arrange the words in a perfect line that will flow

Ramadhan! Ramadhan! !

The sight of the moon begins the month
So proud to join like riding a mount

Woke up and thought about it
Sat up and speak about it
Beginning from the strength of endowment
Going straight into the wisdom of catchment

At first I thought of a special delicacy
But He is neither into appetite nor any cuisine
Then I felt a good wine would do
But He neither gulps nor whets

Waking up to the new dawn
Very happy to get a healthy yawn
Thank you God, I have got the the right pawn
Little here and there, You will get it done!

I used to think that beauty is for the roses
I used to think that elegance is for the gazelle
Now I discovered that Cinderella is beauty
Now I discovered that Cinderella is elegance

Hello White House!
I have called to say hi!
My attire is without a tie
As I am not a resident of the house

Lost count of all you did for me
Counting is a big task for me
May even become a burden on me
A mere waste of time by me

Ask yourself if he is a friend
Think deep before you accept
Hesitate a little before you follow

She was born on January 1st
Waited for christening on October 1st
Pushing forward years of fifty-nine
Cultivating lands of yours and mine

Is there a thing or two I wanted to say?
May be a dream or goal I wished today
Is there a question or answer in disarray?
May be the fear in dire need to allay

I am very stubborn
So stubborn that I will not change
I will not change from knowing the truth
I will not change from believing the truth


Could he had reduced the melanin of his skin
Or he could had applied a bleaching cream

Since the departure of the last bus
On board were the heroes
Those who refined and defined our world
Leaving us with sweet memories

In this month of March
You shall keep the onward match
And never go out like an ignited match
But stay up in pride as a garment rich in starch

Let them be!

Let the light be
If you are not of the dark

My little boy
Is a little genius
He stops at nothing
But does his synchronized crying

Where you find the mountains
You find the valleys in undulating supports
Where you find the oceans
You find the banks flourishing in waters

The sky is not a secured shelter
Though laced in shimmering clouds
Sunshine and rain are its weaknesses

The Best Poem Of G. Akanji Olaniyi

Stay With Me! ! !

Stay here with me
I need you to be here, at the side of me
Now that I am having issues that try me
It will be the best time to see your loyalty to me

I see what goes through your mind
I read your face and I know we are one of a kind
It is not easy to go around and get a true find
So if you stay, you will discover what makes us bind

True friends are few in a million
But I do not want to speak words in a billion
My heart is heavy and secured like a bullion
You and only you, I have in a trillion

The end I see through the tunnel
I may be using a small funnel
And I may not be a Colonel
We shall be happy after this channel

(C) 2014

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Ronaldo 19 March 2019

DISGUSTING hes so much better then me wooww im being sarcastic by the way

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Ingenuity is a disease, you can only handle it in anyone of two ways. Cure yourself of it by revealing and showcasing it or conceal and die with! OLANIYI G. AKANJI

'The biggest problem with life and existence is that we do not have records of where we have come from before getting here and where we are going from here is a chronicle of faith'.

"It is not easy to rid yourself of greed; human nature is insatiability. However, you could control and manage your desire; life is vanity".

'Could science, technology, civilization, modernity or any other of the remaining social concepts bring the required peace to this life? The truth is that there is no human notion that is absolutely perfect; there are 'draw ups' and drawbacks'.

"Staying absolutely free of conflicts or controversies in life is an uphill task and can only be guaranteed by the grace of God. Perhaps, you think you can just take the ball from the goal area through the midfield, into the attack and score the goal, without negotiating the players of the opposing team. Anyway, Diego Maradona did that once".

"A lot of people live with life's misfortunes that one often wonders if it is by their own choices or by some impositions".

"The most unfortunate position to be at any point in time is at the front; especially when you cannot see the back. Then you will need people to watch your back. God help you if they, themselves, are aiming to be at the front" OLANIYI G. AKANJI (C) 2015

One of the best things the world and humanity can do to you is to underestimate and ignore you. One of the worst things you can do to yourself is to fail to use that opportunity to get the best out of yourself for the world and humanity to run and scramble for you! OLANIYI G. AKANJI (C0 2015

In the world of brutishness, ends will always justify the means! But in the academics, the process and conclusion must be expressively outlined! OLANIYI G. AKANJI (C) 2015

You can run, but never for ever! OLANIYI G. AKANJI (C) 2015

While it is good to continue to look forward and be more focused, it is almost equally important to look back, periodically. It reminds of where one is coming from and energizes for the task ahead. In fact it is like doing check and balances. OLANIYI G. AKANJI (C) 2015

If we seek peace of mind, joy, satisfaction and involvement in personal interests, it could take a little while, prosperity must find us to wherever we reside. OLANIYI G. AKANJI (C) 2015

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G. Akanji Olaniyi Popularity

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