Cinderella Poem by G. Akanji Olaniyi


Rating: 4.5

I used to think that beauty is for the roses
I used to think that elegance is for the gazelle
Now I discovered that Cinderella is beauty
Now I discovered that Cinderella is elegance

I have seen humility with great height
I have met respect with enormous length
But take it from me; Cinderella is the peak of humility
Yes! Believe me, Cinderella is the end of respect.

I am surely not sinking behind
Neither am I standing by myself
This is not a daydreaming
Certainly, it is not fantasizing

Cinderella, how graceful with your pose
Cinderella, how beautiful with your beauty
Cinderella, how elegant with your steps
Cinderella, how queenly with your look

Cinderella, though black and shining
Is the light in the darkness?
Cinderella, though living and bubbling
Is the dream of any man?

You are the world's greatest, Cinderella
You are like living in the fairly tales
Someone very rare to come by
Only just with a stroke of luck

You beat my imaginations, Cinderella
You confound my expectations, Cinderella
You are a dream come true, Cinderella
Your foot fits the lost shoe, Cinderella

Akachukwu Lekwauwa 13 July 2015

Cinderella is the end of beauty, Cinderella is the end of elegance, Cinderella is the end of respect, Cinderella is the end of humilty, Cinderella is the biggest dream; i believe you!

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 07 December 2014

Another beautiful poem on cinderella and it is good.

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Edward Kofi Louis 05 December 2014

Nice piece of work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. E.K.L.

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