G. Akanji Olaniyi Poems

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Stay With Me! ! !

Stay here with me
I need you to be here, at the side of me
Now that I am having issues that try me
It will be the best time to see your loyalty to me

Sing Your Own Song!

Combine all the feelings inside you
Sieve through the emotions that swirl around you
Filter out the sentiments that darken the glow
Arrange the words in a perfect line that will flow


Ramadhan! Ramadhan! !

The sight of the moon begins the month
So proud to join like riding a mount

It Is A Man’s World

Woke up and thought about it
Sat up and speak about it
Beginning from the strength of endowment
Going straight into the wisdom of catchment

He Is The Almighty! ! !

At first I thought of a special delicacy
But He is neither into appetite nor any cuisine
Then I felt a good wine would do
But He neither gulps nor whets

New Dawn

Waking up to the new dawn
Very happy to get a healthy yawn
Thank you God, I have got the the right pawn
Little here and there, You will get it done!


I used to think that beauty is for the roses
I used to think that elegance is for the gazelle
Now I discovered that Cinderella is beauty
Now I discovered that Cinderella is elegance

Hello White House! ! !

Hello White House!
I have called to say hi!
My attire is without a tie
As I am not a resident of the house

Haiku3: Is He A Friend?

Ask yourself if he is a friend
Think deep before you accept
Hesitate a little before you follow

Thank You For Loving Me!

Lost count of all you did for me
Counting is a big task for me
May even become a burden on me
A mere waste of time by me

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