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Something pierces my heart
‘tis sharper than a sword, and
Spear of any knight…

I've found a treasured thing around me
More glitter than the gold in a vault
And more valuable than any diamond

I wander lonely every evening
Sunny days pass, shining evenings stay
Warm days go, cold evenings come
Evening dews linger upon the tree of tryst

I wear you in heart
Dear fairy bluebird of my soul
With robe, I tangle your love abreast
With girdle, I tie you to me

Hundred kilometers away of you
I still feel the amazing kiss of you
I tried to pull away the thought in me
In my heart, it will cause a hurt in me

Twenty years I shouted afar
With strain, the voice that solo
Raven thought grapples me
in the arm of fear, he holds me

How do I express my thoughts?
Of hidden feelings inside of me…
Euphoric tales in depth of me…

My friend living down beside me!
The standing black friend behind
The petrifying image at nightfall
Twin brother of every occasion

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Gabriel Oluwalana is a poet, Novelist, Editor and Educationist; He is enthrall to creative writing since the early stage of his life. He found possible means to get on track by work persistence, dedication and self-encouragement. The whole impression of his life is to educate people with his works of arts, teach them morals and show open advantages)

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Something Pierces My Heart

Something pierces my heart
‘tis sharper than a sword, and
Spear of any knight…

Through the eight ribs, it pierc'd
In the dark corner of my loneliness
It quickens my soul from adversity

But sometimes, put me in tears
Of true tenderness emotion…
It raises my head above the deepest ocean…

Also, raise me a dais of silk and gown;
Bend my heart like a rose bouquet
And like a tickset of apples' boughs

It subdues the laugh of hate,
But enact me a mystical cry of joy
And gives a scent of honour

It pierces my heart more deeper
I lost the lust of my heart
And I step on the path of intimacy

With passion and commitment
I live on its path… satisfaction,
Because, it's euphoria, it's LOVE.

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