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when there is nothing to do
one just has to think hard
and eventually

grew up without my mother
she was taken from me
depressed all her life
she knew not where to turn

just promise you'll save me a seat
wherever you happen to end up
weather it be heaven or hell
i'll take my seat next to you completely content

with banana in hand
she seemed to have all she needed

the tools with which to build her empire

the promise of tomorrow will show itself again.
what a pity,
another yesterday's tomorrow
has itself become a yesterday,


Up and down
It looks as though the day has begun
Mystical thoughts lather the sunrise
In the mind of a young girl


He promised me a moon
Days forgone, he promised to her a lifetime
The stars sit silent in their sea of sultry embrace
While awaiting the lifetimes of many to be cut short

on a night like this
i cannot help but notice the moon
i hear cars speed past
do they notice it too?

all i can do is wait
i patiently wait
for the inevitable words

it lies in your eyes
your soul, its beholder

it's in everything you do


fifteen and sixteen
seperate me from you
all we have is overlooked
for two numbers

the moon
and the sun
and the stars
and the sky

the tremendous feeling
of warmth and love
she recieved that night
was more than she had ever hoped for

how he got me there
was a blur
how he got me undressed
is questionable


i've never been a fan
of the number

it begins inside
it boils like water on a stove top
waiting to fulfil it's purpose
but it's been temporarily forgotten by someone

in my dream
i saw us
you and i

when life starts to be questioned
and no answers are found
it is often hard to go on
left unknowing

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when there is nothing to do
one just has to think hard
and eventually

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