Gary Witt

Gary Witt Poems

41. Les Yeux Deneuve 4/24/2007
42. Disappointment 8/21/2009
43. According To Mark 10/7/2008
44. Nostalgia 5/26/2007
45. Exhibition Dancing Iv (Flamenco) 3/1/2007
46. Pain And Perception 9/23/2007
47. The Response I Hear To All Of This 10/23/2007
48. Design-Induced Pilot Error 4/27/2008
49. Hope 9/20/2008
50. After The Downsizing 11/10/2007
51. Journey 4/20/2008
52. The 'Conundrium' Of Ununbium 2/28/2007
53. Girl On A Bicycle Smoking A Cigarette 10/6/2008
54. Artichoke Truth 9/21/2009
55. Ode To John Coltrane 3/4/2007
56. Exhibition Dancing I (The Waltz) 2/4/2007
57. Agreement In Principle 7/24/2007
58. Heron And Gull 11/10/2007
59. Buying Horses 6/24/2008
60. Exhibition Dancing Iii (The Foxtrot) 2/10/2007
61. Vision 5/26/2007
62. Along A Roadside 5/26/2007
63. Ernesto On Death And Dying 3/29/2007
64. My Life, My Worthless Life 7/24/2007
65. The Fine Print 3/19/2007
66. Between Both And Neither 11/10/2007
67. March 28, 1941 3/13/2007
68. Exhibition Dancing Ii (The Tango) 2/4/2007
69. Alone At Night 1/30/2008
70. A Poem For His Father 1/30/2007
71. Ethos, Logos, Pathos 5/2/2007
72. An Agnostic's Prayer 2/15/2007
73. A Most Delicious Strawberry 2/18/2007
Best Poem of Gary Witt

A Most Delicious Strawberry

You have your game-face on again;
The don’t-mess-with-me face that comes
With its own combative attitude.
Not pleased with being pleased,
You seem incapable of a smile;
Not a cheek-aching, ab-cramping,
Incontinent belly-laugh,
But something as simple as a smile.

Can you scowl in the presence
Of a four year old wearing
A Halloween costume
With cape?
Can you frown under the patient,
Steady, brown-eyed stare of a
Labrador coveting
Your plate?

Have you forgotten how to savor
The simple strawberry?

The story goes, a man in ...

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A Poem For His Father

He’d grown quite tired by then, but still he tried
To appease or even please that ghost whose voice
Pursued him, critical of every move—
Pursued him easily, relentlessly;

A spectral helicopter hovering high
Above him, searchlight showering him in white,
As, trapped inside its shifting spot, he ran,
The voice reverberating in his ears.

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