Along A Roadside Poem by Gary Witt

Along A Roadside

Rating: 5.0

Alone, the morning glories bloom,
And wither in a single day.
Together, their tendrils strive and stretch
In flowering spirals
Along the rusting barbed wire fence.
They creep and crowd
Straight up the creosote-laden poles
That line the highway, strictly measured,
Evenly spaced, and counted.

They reach into the soul of a
Juniper in their path,
Smother it, strangle it
To a resentful frame of pale yellow,
Atop a brittle brown foundation
Of thorns.

Hallucinogenic beauty
Pulsing through the seasons,
Tightening its grip in gradual spring,
Letting go in time for winter’s blinding numbness.
And vulnerable strength is defeated slowly,
With the steady, silent alacrity
That is faith.


a fine flair for language you have which is evident with this poem. the images are tactile and proliferate throughout this piece.

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Not a member No 4 26 May 2007

A feast of visual images, propelled rhythmically through the cycles of life, ablaze with colour and movement. A symphony Gary! A triumph. A real lesson on a lot of levels to aspiring writers. You've invested in this the care, commitment and pride that reminds of a bygone age: a real tradesman at work! Thanks, jim.

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Yes, Gary, a master of your language and how beautifully you paint with words. I have a little vine of morning glories tattooed on my right favorite flower...wild and sensuous...strong and your poem...

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Tailor Bell 26 September 2009

it is a fine thing to be familiar with the colors, all the elements...but that pales in comparison to their masterful inclusion in the portrait painted. vividly memorable. -Tailor

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Indira Renganathan 02 September 2009

Your observation is too sincere to help the poem with a free flow of suitable and rightly fit-in words...I like the last stanza the most...excellent

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Afzal Shauq 26 July 2009

very romantic...and love its short srory type expression in peotic way..good experience with innovative way.. your peotry is relatively impressive and this poem is one of best... enjoyed it a lot and hope you never stop feeding heartds with poetic love feelings...well done 10/10

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Tara Teeling 22 November 2007

Each line gives the reader a different view, and each one is gorgeous, despite the uncivility of murderous flowers. I can't say enough about this lovely snapshot, except to say that it provokes one to look out the window more often.

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A veritable kaleidescope of poetic colour. To build, with masterful stroke, the picture of so much from so little - that's talent. t x

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