Agreement In Principle Poem by Gary Witt

Agreement In Principle

Rating: 4.9

Walk with me awhile
On this path we seem to share.
Rough though it may be, and steep,
Who knows how far it will lead us
Or when it may dissolve into the grass.
For now, we have this path in common;
A place and time together,
A direction if not a purpose.
Shall we both ignore the intrusive moon,
Hear the same birds calling,
And watch them feast on carrion?
Will the wind whisper to us each
In our own language?
Are the crocus as emphatic,
And the calla lilies as tenuous,
For you as they are for me?
What is it that we share
Here as we make our way
Upon this slick mud and tortured rock,
Knowing as we do that you’ll not reach
For me, nor I for you.

Gone Away 22 November 2011

I like this....a place and time together.... an interpretation of love I can agree with.

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delilah contrapunctal 07 February 2011

beautifully composed....a lovely work, indeed....

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Manonton Dalan 13 September 2008

lovely setting i could imagine. thanks for sharing. md

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Oh Gary, this is absolutely stunning...what a realistic look at love between two fully, self-contained's perfectly magical in its realism.

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