Artichoke Truth Poem by Gary Witt

Artichoke Truth

Rating: 5.0

Longing for truth that saturates;
That soaks the skin, that clings and clutches—
Soothes, and will not release,
Absent ecstatic surrender.

Finding artichoke truth that opens
Leathery, leaf by leaf, its heart
Hidden-soft, and revealed only
After studied, patient effort.

To draw the butter, now;
And soon to dip the leaf.

Goldy Locks 21 September 2009

Sensual poem, Witt. You command respect for the artichoke in a delicate, delicious way. best care xx goldy

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Sathyanarayana M V S 03 October 2009

mmmmmmmmmm! This is something.

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Tai Chi Italy 02 October 2009

Mmmmm I do like artichokes, or even Arty Jokes dear Gary! but I do love the anticipation! So nightnig g, isn't you then? lol it was the g that threw me. Your poem has a beautifully delicate and sensual feeling running through it. For a man, it's all about possession. Smiling at you Tai

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Abdul Athani 01 October 2009

its nice poem indeed

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Ruth Walters 27 September 2009

ooooh Gary, you're making me hungry, all that talk of butter and dipping artichoke leaves, yum but it's a serious poem too....oh yes I know and I liked it for that.... Ruthy

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delilah contrapunctal 21 September 2009

beautiful, Gary.....thanks for this delicious poem....says much...each carefully chosen word a joy to read.... Cheers, D.

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