Buying Horses Poem by Gary Witt

Buying Horses

Rating: 4.9

I have no money but I am buying
Horses for someone else’s parade—
Rose-colored mares that stand four abreast,
Perfectly matched with spangled bridles,
Magenta plumes nodding in unison—
A family of acrobats stands with a flourish
Upon their backs as they bow to one knee.

As I sign this note and incur this debt
I promise myself with crimson signature:

One day I will ride a tall palomino,
With cascading white mane
Who rears up on his hind legs
Seeming to climb the air,
While I lift my hat straight up,
High as I can reach,
And smile over my shoulder.

Ron Dragano 12 October 2008

I think the images are excellent putting circus and wild west to use, one way to read it could go: sacrificing oneself to second place, the 'sidekick', maybe just in the supporting cast, - self effaced consoles himself with a dream of someday basking in the light of the sun and raising a high hand, a winning hand, Stetson waving to the sky... nice job of lassooing a piece of the story of everyman. PS Gene is on Champion, Hopalong on Topper, only Roy will always ride a palomino

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Tailor Bell 06 December 2009

caught up in this wonderful scene that is abbreviated at the midpoint by a curious but applicable philosophy/truism...that we bridle our own indebtedness sometimes at a cost we do not or care not to realize. then again who wouldn't want to hold that hat high. great read, Gary. -Tailor

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Scarlett Treat 19 September 2009

How strangely poetry reaches into our souls at times! I have always wanted a Palomino with blond mane and tail, and I even have her name: 'Glory' she will be, for 'glory be, I finally got a horse! ' This poem is stuffed to the brim and dressed in spangled tights with dreams...and I loved it!

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Cj Heck 11 August 2009

Hello Gary, it's a pleasure to 'meet' you and read your work. I've just finished a sampling and I am already a fan. Your use of imagery is wonderful. Warmest regards, CJ Heck

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Adeline Foster 08 June 2009

Ah ha, a Bucephalus poem and worthy at that. Adeline

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James Mclain 05 May 2009

The real adventurer, pushing, plowing the sky..iip

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