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Working late,
When you will come home straight,
I will hug you with a soft kiss
And hope some bliss.

Rejection is a start,
It’s our life’s part
Do not take it seriously
It will lead you to success mysteriously

Colour my heart with patriotism,
A new India starts today...
With joyous pray
AS it is republic day

Where will I go
Or she
I don’t know
Just I know that

It was a dark night
When we witnessed an awful sight
No one can forget that 26/11 night.
The blood, sweat, dead bodies

मुरगे ने बांग दी, सुबह हो गई
माँ ने उठाया, सुबह हो गई
सूरज उगा, सुबह हो गई
जब मेरी आत्मा ने कहा,


Life is a game,
In which you are a guest
You come and go
Wherever you rest.

Smile each day, everytime.
'The whole world's mine! '
Life is a package of sweet and,

उन बनावटी रेशम के खेत में,
ढूंढना चाहा था मैंने जिसे,
वह कुछ अपना सा लग रहा था,
पर वह कहीं सपना तो नहीं था...

I'm a wanderer
I've nothing to lose
Or gain.
No responsibilities,

Do you even know,
The fake reality around,
It's a bubble babies
It can burst anytime.

You see a girl
Probably seven
Her hair tied in a ponytail
Dancing like the one in fairytale

I remember the days when I grew,
And being nostalgic, I could see only
you, you and you!

You are here to learn, to love
How long will you hold the grudge?
It's been too long
You haven't sung your favorite song.

It's nice
To be fair to be kind
To give love and shine bright
To appreciate


Maybe you're fatigued
Tired- physically, mentally and emotionally
Seeing the world hopelessly
Think you're too awkaward socially.

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Working late,
When you will come home straight,
I will hug you with a soft kiss
And hope some bliss.
Cause you are my “dad”.

When there will be Mondays,
You got more work to do,
But when I’ll ask you for a ride,
You won’t ignore.
Cause you are my “dad”

when someday I will be sleeping,
Without the bed sheet,
You will come and sheath me,
Cause you are my “dad”.

Growing old, I will get you name,
and when a problem will arise,
I'll help you in all crisis

You are everything to me
I'm everything to you
just because, 'I love you'

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Accept what you can't change; Change what you can't accept.

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